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6 Valuable Reasons Why You Need Professional Wedding Planners

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To some, getting a professional wedding planner for their big day might be a no-brainer.

It’s already at the top of their list to make sure everything goes smoothly during their special day.  To those, however, who are still weighing the pros & cons of spending for a professional wedding planner as opposed to arranging things on their own with the help of friends & relatives, this might help you decide.

We’ve invited Jets & Rhona of Canaan Celebrations to share 6 valuable reasons why you need professional wedding planners for your big day and here’s what we learned from them:

1)   Professional vs. Family & Friends

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Think about how your wedding preparation and the day itself will be handled on the overall. Leaving it to family & friends may create a lot of complications especially when different opinions come out and they realize how much work & effort is entailed in helping you ensure you get the wedding you want. They might miss out on some of their responsibilities, as they get distracted and get caught up with being a guest/spectator weddings being a reunion of sorts.

Getting a professional to do the wedding planning job, on the other hand, means there’s someone with more experience at the helm who will not get emotional, will be objective and can focus intensely on your needs for your wedding.

2)   Figuring your wedding budget

Due to their years of experience and familiarity with the different suppliers in the industry, they have a keen understanding of typical costs incurred for weddings. Hence, they can help you figure out the right budget for the kind of wedding you want or how you can have the wedding you want with the budget that you’ve set for it.

3)   Matchmaker

Since you’ve obviously found your match in your future spouse, professional wedding planners can do some matchmaking of their own. They can match you up with the right suppliers based on your budget & desired look & feel for your wedding.

4)   Unbiased feedback

As professionals, they will tell you things, as it is – no biases & pretensions. They want to get you your money’s worth as you spend for your big day. So they don’t sugarcoat their feedback may it be regarding your selected theme, ideas or options for your venue & suppliers.  One thing they require, however, is that you be honest with them about how you really envision your wedding to be, and your budget of course.

5)   Keeps you focused

The excitement of preparing for your wedding can get you to either want so many different things to happen, or be confused or clueless as to what is possible for you to do for your special day. Here, a wedding planner can help you distill all the ideas and plans you have in your head to crystallize it into a specific plan for your wedding. And they help you stick to and focus on that plan.

6)   They will manage the whole event

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Having discussed the details & plans for your wedding beforehand, all you really have to do is sit back & relax then just show up, walk, say your ‘I do’s and enjoy your memorable day. You can just let them manage everything, set things in motion the way things should go, troubleshoot mishaps that need to be addressed, and just take care of everything for you so you can focus on savoring and cherishing such a milestone in your life.

Getting a professional wedding planner enables you to just ‘let go and let God’ as Jets & Rhona puts it. Having them means you’ve put in the most that can be done to make things go smoothly, so don’t allow yourself to be stressed about what could go wrong. Once you decide to get a wedding planner, make sure to do some research to find the best professional wedding planner that suits you. Then let your wedding planner take care of that and let God’s plans take over, with them as instruments, to see things through.

What do you think are other reasons why you should hire a professional wedding planner?


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