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6 Things Brides And Grooms Often Forget To Do

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So you’re getting married, your mind is floating, palms sweating and you’re probably worried and psyching yourself not to trip during your walk down the aisle. You may have been awake all night trying to write down your wedding vows. That’s normal.

But there are just some things some couples would often forget to do during their wedding day. Here’s a quick rundown of things brides and grooms often forget to do and bring during their wedding day especially if they did not hire a wedding coordinator.

1) Supplier Meals

Make sure to check your supplier contracts and see who’s providing meals for them. Is it inclusive in their package or are you the one preparing food for them. Couples need to check also with the hotel if they allow food delivery or not.

2) Bring Sign Pens

When you have prenup guestbooks or signboards prepared for your guests so they can write their well-wishes. Do not forget to bring a sign pen. Have your bridesmaids and groomsmen do the rounds. Give them their tasks before your wedding day.

3) Guest lists & Seating Arrangement

Have you attended a wedding with no guest lists and no seating arrangement? It’s a wedding coordinator’s nightmare! I’ve attended one and more guests came than expected, principal sponsors had no seats, usherettes were being shouted at while some relatives went home early because they don’t know where to sit. Talk about stress.

4) Invitations

Always have a spare copy of your wedding invitation inside your room before your wedding day. Keep in mind that your wedding photographer will shoot ALL your wedding details during your preps. That includes your rings, wedding favors, and your invitations.

5) Walk Slowly

I’ve shot more than a hundred weddings and advised all my couples to WALK SLOWLY down the aisle. Came my wedding day, I was walking so fast, my wedding coordinator had to signal me to slow down. Yes, my mind was floating back then.

6) Thank You Notes

Make sure you have a list of all the people who you want to thank during your thank you speech. Writing them down saves time a lot and helps avoid dead air during your speech. Start with the most important person that made this wedding possible: God, your husband/wife, family etc. Lastly, don’t forget to thank your wedding suppliers.

How about you? What were the things you forgot to do or bring during your wedding day?

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