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Choosing Your Preps Venue: 4 Important Things To Consider

preps venue

So you have your wedding ceremony & reception venue set, but have you thought about where you’ll be having your wedding preps done for your big day?

Your preps venue is the environment that will set you up on your big day. It’s a place where you must feel relaxed. And it’s where you can have your emotions & preparations a few hours before you say ‘I do’ captured & documented.  It’s an essential element to this special milestone in your life as you experience and cherish it on the day itself and when you look back on it through memories & photos.

As you choose your wedding preps venue, take time to consider these 4 important details:

1. Accessibility To The Ceremony Venue

preps venue

Make sure your wedding preps venue is near your ceremony venue to avoid the hassle of traffic delays.

You’re lucky if you can have your preps, ceremony & reception venue in one location, usually hotels or resorts. But that is not always the case. If otherwise, be sure to check on how far, how accessible & the potential traffic situation you might encounter from your preps to your ceremony venue — the shorter the ride, the better.

Granted that you are the star of the show, your ceremony venue still has a schedule that it needs to follow.

2. Sufficient Window Light

preps venue

Photo by Dominic Barrios Photography

In deciding whether to have your preps at home or whether you choose a hotel/resort venue for your preps, do check your room options. Does it have a big enough window that will allow window light to come in? Also, make sure that no building or walls are obstructing the light from coming in your room windows.

You’d want your  preps area to have a bright and refreshing environment. This will help your photographers and videographers to get better photos & videos to document your preps activities.

3. Biggest Room For The Bride

preps venue

A normal busy scene from the bride’s room while the photo & video documents the day.

As families and suppliers will be going in & out of both the bride & groom’s rooms — photographers, videographers, coordinators – it’s the bride’s area that will house the hair & make-up artist with their set ups and would normally be the drop off point of other details such as the bouquets and ceremony accessories. Not to mention how the bride’s gown would normally need more space to be on standby & for photo ops prior to her putting it on.

If the preps venue will be in a hotel, it’s important that the bride gets a suite so there’s a separate room for the bride to get ready, a kitchen & living room area for the family, suppliers & other paraphernalia.

Now, if somehow, you are not able to get a big enough space, that’s where your choice of suppliers comes in.  Just inform them beforehand of this challenge and being professionals, they should be able to be flexible and adjust despite the limited space. This could be a test of their resourcefulness, but they can handle it.

4. Accessibility Between Bride & Groom’s Rooms

preps venue

Having an accessible preps venue for both the bride and the groom will allow suppliers to easily check on the couple.

Lastly, whether your preps will be at a hotel, resort or each other’s homes, do mind that the prep areas of the bride & groom are easily accessible to each other. It’s easy to work around the tradition of keeping the bride & groom from seeing each other before the wedding even if their rooms are next to each other. But it would be a world of difference in making the coordination & documentation of the preps easier as well.

Don’t leave your preps venue as an afterthought and take note of these 4 essential things to consider for making the most of the preps time and ensure a stress-free day for you and your soon-to-be spouse.

Do you have other things to add when choosing a wedding preps venue? Leave a comment or send us a message, we’d love to hear from you. 

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  • Great tips. While some of the tips I would say are pretty much common sense, one that is particularly important and perhaps not many couples may be aware of is the availability of window lighting. Window lighting makes for EPIC photos, especially in the hands (and eyes) of an expert photographer.

    Perhaps one more thing to consider is the weather and how one can go about in the venue. #AmazingLifeDaily

  • Nilyn EC Matugas

    I’m so glad I’m done with the wedding, the preparation and stuff! haha! But it wasn’t as nice as these tips. It was a simple wedding done at one of the usual hotels in my hometown in Tagum City. The ceremony venue was accessible but the room was small and we didn’t have enough window light! haha.

  • Berlin Domingo

    Love the tips youve enumerated. Surely those planning for their wedding will find this post helpful. And yes, i agree. Lighting is very important. It is your camera’s best aid to have that equally beautiful photos.

  • Had my wedding preps at Galleria Suites in 2004. It’s really important to have a spacious place to stay. We booked a two-bedroom suite for my family while my groom had the one-bedroom suite. It is also near the church, St Ignatius in Camp Aguinaldo and our reception in Valle Verde Clubhouse.

  • Karmela Mirriam Ebreo

    I have been to a lot of weddings where the preps are made at home and it is such a hassle for everyone especially when the bride and groom do not live in the same area. I renting the suites at the reception, if it’s a hotel, is the best move. And I must agree that sufficient window lighting is very essential to have fantastic, minimally edited videos and photos. It is easier for make up artists to do their work with enough lighting too. ❤️

  • Miss Piggy

    Don’t have plans of getting married but this tips would surely help me in the future. I never thought that one should consider lighting in when you are looking for a venue and I agree that access to the bride and grooms room should be easy not just for the coordinator but for the family members as well specially if they are bonded already.

  • Elle Mystique

    This is the second post for today that I think serves as a preparation for me in the near future. lol! This list is a must have for all couples that will soon tie the knots. I’ve seen a wedding where I could say that preps venue hasn’t been on the prep list that it became quite hard for the coordinator to check on the bride and groom since they’re too far from each other. #2 should also be on the list, always. photographers love natural lights, plus it avoids pictures from being pixelated, thus giving a better photo quality. 🙂

  • Cai

    I’m not married and I’m not sure if I’ll get married someday hahaha. But these tips are really helpful since planning this event is probably stressful. If there’s one thing I’m thinking I could add is if you don’t have an official wedding a planner at least assign someone who will act like one who could handle the check list. This to ensure that everything is complete hours before the wedding 🙂

  • Michelle Adriano

    As I am already married, I think I could share this post to my soon-to-be married friends. They’ll need this pretty soon. I agree with the points you presented. Especially if the venue of the church is within the Metro, the prep place should be near the church as to avoid being late due to traffic haha!

  • Zwitsy

    In most cases, as per observing on those wedding videos going viral, most couples used hotels. So I believe that picking the hotel that provides all the qualities you have mentioned here is what should engaged couples do. I am not sure if there are other options, though. What do you think?

  • Carola

    I have never even thought about a preps venue. There’s so much more to organizing a wedding then it seems. I love these tips. I mean: If I haven’t even thought about a preps venue, I surely didn’t think about all these things. Will be nice to able to share to people who are going to marry!

  • I don’t have plans of getting married soon, but these tips, I’m sure, will be helpful to those who are! I agree with what you said that the venue for the wedding preps can really affect the mood and overall feel about the wedding. Accessibility is really one of the huge factors for considering the perfect spot for preps. Also, it’s nice to assign someone for each room to check if someone might have left any personal belongings!

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  • Jen Louise Larracas

    Your blog is really helpful! Glad that I found out about your website. M e and my husband is planning to have our wedding by 2018. I would certainly love to visit your blogs every now and then to gather up some ideas on our special day. Thank you for the tips!