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Wedding Bouquet Inspirations That Will Make You Giddy

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Hand-tied, nosegay, flower spray, cascading, Biedermeier, and pomander are just some of the popular bridal bouquet styles our artisan florists have come up with to manifest the love and happiness of soon-to-wed couples.

Now, why do we even bother styling or arranging the flowers? It’s aesthetic, yes. But then, is that all there is to it? So what if the Rose is beside a cluster of Baby’s Breath then surrounded with leaves, yada yada yada?


It was believed that for thousands of years, even way back B.C., somewhere in the Middle East, cryptic messages were communicated using flowers. Hence, the birth of Floriography or known as the language of flowers whence the meaning of red Roses is love, yellow Roses is friendship, Lilies is elegance, Jasmine is amiability, Orchids is beauty, Tulips is undying passion, so on and so forth. You see, we’re already using it but not completely appreciating it. When you like someone, when you want to say sorry, when you love someone, or when you want to congratulate someone, what do we usually give? Flowers. There are tons of reasons why we give flowers whenever we find that words aren’t enough to express ourselves. Like a love letter, our couples would surely want the bouquet to be as expressive and poetic as their love for each other can be. Thus, the birth of different bouquet styles, shapes and designs curated accordingly by florists. We now observe that as time passes by, our preferences — particularly those of the millennial brides — become more dauntlessly creative. Modern bouquets don’t just have flowers arranged on it but they also don precious stones, metals, pearls, twists and knots of ribbons, and whatnot.

Have a look at our best-sought bouquets from our most trusted florists. Do vote for your favorites. Your views and picks will help our current brides in deciding the style they desire and the soon-to-be-brides be provided with ideas once they’ve crossed the bridge.

Which Wedding Bouquets would you like to have for your Big Day? Cast Your Votes!



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  • All bouquets are really beautiful! I think that a bride can best decide on what bouquet she really wants only after she has picked her wedding dress and her wedding theme. I think I would like to go with something simple. 🙂

  • I love the bouquets you curated in this post! I found a very interesting one in Pinterest though a few years back. It was a bouquet for a wedding but it was only made out of paper! Something different from the usual. 🙂

    • There are a lot of great wedding bouquets and alternative ones now. I’m pretty sure all soon-to-wed brides are going gaga all over these lovely photos.