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what knots

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I'm  Mitzi Barrios

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You get to read lovely stories from different people plus their advices for newly wed couples

They give you a lesson in every story which to me is the most important thing

Thank you for making our love story an inspiration to others. I hope you continue to make your readers believe in love and in putting God at the center of every relationship. Thank you for showing us the different love stories God has created for each one of us. We are honored to be one of your featured couples.

Rheens Camara

It is getting ideas from real weddings. Sometimes we might have ideas that might be too big or seems impossible but Top Knotters help those couples realise that things are achievable and no matter how simple plans may also be, it can be beautiful.

Top Knotters are very genuine and they feature real weddings with real people. I think the difference from other wedding websites is that couples who visit their site get a real idea of what's out there and how these ideas are being materialised.

The Top Knotters are down to earth and professional on how they communicate and treat their couples. It's very easy to get couples be comfortable with this team as they are genuine and it was a breeze working with them and trusting them with our own photos.

Krista Abad

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