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Unexpected Expenses That Blow Up Your Wedding Budget

As most soon-to-weds, you start your wedding preparations with a budget in mind. As these preparations progress, you might find yourselves going over and above your set budget so it’s good to prepare for unexpected expenses.

A closer look at what has transpired points us to some incidentals that were not taken into consideration.

Here are some of the items which are often forgotten. Because these are variable (each couple’s needs, preferences, capacities, experiences are unique), it is best to allot a portion (around 10 to 15%) of your budget to such similar expenditures. After all, we are sure you would rather want to have excess money to start your marriage than to have a broken piggy bank.

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1. Contracts

Read the contracts of your suppliers. Some require additional charges like out-of-town fees, parking, early ingress/late egress, transportation allowance, toll reimbursements, morning weddings, broken time, etc.

2. Corkages

Venues and/or Caterers may require corkage for bringing in alcoholic drinks, non in-house suppliers, food from outside vendors, etc.

3. Caterers

Extra services from the caterers may have a corresponding cost. These may include buffer tables and set-up, additional ice and glasses (bar service), additional VIP seats, carvers, extra detail on the tablescapes, additional waiters, extra platforms/backdrops, etc.


4. Crew Meals or Allowance

Yes, you do need to feed your suppliers. Depending on the start of their work, you may need to provide them breakfast, lunch and/or dinner. Some may accept allowances instead of meals; do discuss with them your options.

5. Tip for suppliers, especially the waiters

They’re one of those groups who are the first-in, last-out people for the day. Please consider how much they have worked and how much their body must be hurting after attending to all your needs. Please consider giving at least Php100 to each (and more to your personal butler and head waiters).

6. Extension of services during reception

While contracts with the venue, caterers, photo booths, lights and sounds, food carts, photographers, and videographers already include sufficient hours of services, you will not know until what time you would want to stay with your best buddies for a crazy after-party. Either you prepare for the overtime charges or be mindful of the time. Ensure also that you indicate the start time correctly so you can maximize their services.

7. Bridal Car extension

Most bridal car contracts include only 3 hours of service. On the day of the wedding, almost always, you will use it for 4 hours: 1 hour before the ceremony for call time, 1.5 hours for the ceremony, 1 hour for postnup pictorial and 0.5 hours or so for traveling to the reception venue. Please include the corresponding rate of at least an hour extension into your budget.

8. Lights and Sounds

Your Lights and sounds provider must cover the needs of your musicians, host, and event stylist. If you have a band or a stylist, a large or open venue, chances are, you will need more than their basic.

9. Prenup

Aside from the fact that prenup pictorial entails costs, most location shoots also have corresponding rates. Further, while there are no rules about your attire during the shoot, most couples do want to buy new sets of clothes. Some also want a themed photo shoot. So expect to hire a stylist or to purchase some props that fit the theme.


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Want to see the second part of the list of  things that blow up your wedding budget? Let us know what other things you want to add from the list.

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