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Bright & Rosy Red-Letter Day: Marco & Vanessa

Isn’t it the sweetest to finally tie the knot with your childhood crush? Indeed, Marco & Vanessa’s red-letter day was filled with happiness and love as they celebrated it peppered with touches of red throughout their wedding details.

Theirs is a story you can imagine to be a plot for a romantic movie. You can only guess what kind of details of the subplots of their story could have. It definitely makes for an interesting & exciting story where we’re sure they learned a lot of lessons on life & love along the way.


“Our story started with me (the bride), during my elementary days, having a crush on Marco. But Marco had a “girlfriend” during that time so he didn’t notice me. Then in high school, when I was in my 2nd year and Marco on his 3rd, he became friends with my brother, Mon. That was when he started to notice me. But too bad for him, I no longer had a crush on him. Haha! Then I don’t know what happened. We accidentally talked on YM (yahoo messenger) and that’s how our love story started.

High school was quite some time ago for these two. But then, as the saying goes, time flies by when you’re having fun. But of course, as all other couples would agree, not everything is all roses and daisies for these two.

“First, he asked permission from my brother to court me. Then we started dating. Days, months and years have passed and we didn’t notice it was almost our 10th year anniversary. But we’re not that perfect couple who have been together since high school then got married after 10 years of being together. We also face a lot of challenges in our relationship. We actually broke up twice — lived our lives separately for almost 3 months. A lot has happened between us, but we didn’t give up on each other. On July 8, 2016, Marco proposed to me and I said YES. And that’s when our wedding preparation started”

It seems their wedding preparations didn’t only help them get ready for their big day but for the level up in their relationship as well. This made their pre-wedding activities, the entire preparation process up until the wedding day a top knotter experience for them.

“Everything was a ‘Top Knotter Moment’ for us; booking suppliers and planning everything, prenup shoots and especially moments during the wedding day. Remember, it only happens once in a lifetime. Enjoy everything that you do with your partner. There are times we’d argue on something. But we can assure you it’s all worth it. Treasure every moment, enjoy yourself, just be calm and don’t worry too much. It’s important to trust on your suppliers and your coordinator. You booked them for a reason, so just enjoy. It only happens once in a lifetime! And, always always thank God for all the blessings in life.

Indeed, tying the knot is not just a one-day affair but you’ll be ‘knotted-for-life’ so to speak. It’s a good reminder & tip to look at this perspective as you do your wedding preparations. But surely, soon-to-weds out there still need some tips to make that one day that seals the deal superb & stress-free. And for that, Marco & Vanessa have these tips to give. They actually have an interesting tip on how to manage your budget vis-à-vis your guest list

1. Book your church and reception venue that you want first.

Know what date and day that you want to get married. For us, that’s hardest so that’s the first thing that we did. After that, everything will fall into place.

2. Then book your wedding coordinator.

They can help you and guide during your wedding preparation.

3. Once you have booked a hotel for your wedding, you’ll have an idea already on how much would it cost for your venue.

This is when you can decide on how many guests and what suppliers to book depending on your budget.

4. Important is to know what you want for your wedding day.

This is what will guide you in making the decision for number 3. Know the look, theme and everything you need because for us, we already know what we want so it’s much easier for us to book our suppliers.

5. Take advantage of the Wedding Expos

We also attended wedding expo at smx to have an idea on other things needed to our wedding. It really helped us a lot.

Supplier Spotlight: Photographer – Ralph Lee Photography | Videographer – Photogenics | Stylist – Raflora Enterprises | Host – Atom Ungson | HMU – Mariah Santos | Coordinator – The Knot Weddings and Events | Gown – Mel Orlina | Invitations – Global Invitations’

Don’t you love Marco & Vanessa’s story? What do you think of their wedding? Don’t forget to share this with friends, specially those pining to marry their high school crush. They just might need a little nudge.

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