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5 Wedding Details You Can Skip When You’re on a Tight Budget

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Great weddings shouldn’t come at the cost of your entire bank account.

After all, you still have married life to face next, right? If you’re on a tight budget or simply want to spend smart, there are things you can save on when planning your big day—and even some you can skip altogether!

Here are some suggestions of wedding details you can skip when you’re on a tight budget:

1. Wedding Favors

“We skipped the giveaways and opted to have a photo booth instead.  Get a package that prints multiple copies of the same shot—this will make your guests’ day!” – Kristina Sy Su, bride

2. Invitations

Have your invites printed in small quantities for VIPs and non-techie guests.  For the rest, you can create a wedding website or an event page on Facebook to save on costs and carbon footprint!

3. Shoes and Accessories

“I borrowed jewelry from my husband’s aunt and bought shoes that, though fancy, were comfortable and in a style I could use during other formal events.” – Clarissa Lim, bride

4. Cake

If you’re not Marian Rivera or Dingdong Dantes, you don’t need a giant cake moonlighting as an LCD screen. Ordering a smaller designer cake for the cake-cutting ceremony saves you tens of thousands.  Make sure it’s presented nicely on the table, though!

5. Venue & Styling

“With amazing stylists around, any plain palette can be spruced up.  If you have the time and energy, DIYs are always appreciated.” – Heidi Cecilio, bride and wedding photographer at Studio XOXO

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What To Spend On:

1. Photographer / Videographer

“Years from now, we will age but these will preserve the stories that we can share with the next generation.  An amazing photo and video that’s compatible with your desired style can make these memories come to life when we are old and gray.” – Heidi Cecilio

2. Hair and Makeup

“I once had a bride whose face was green. When I talked to the groom, he said the MUA had been hired from a gentleman’s club to save money. We had to get the make-up redone before I could shoot her.” —Dominic Barrios, wedding photographer

3. Gown & Suit

“Go with a reliable designer. I’ve had brides buy an RTW dress 2 days before the wedding because theirs didn’t arrive on time or didn’t fit well”. —MK Guano, coordinator at Happily Ever After Events

4. Food

“The food should be good, though not necessarily expensive. It’s a way of thanking the guests for being with you on your day.” – Lexer Alinsod,wedding videographer at Project LxD

5. Wedding Planner

“An experienced wedding planner will lessen the stress of preparations and can also help you work within your budget and get the best deals from suppliers, so you save in the long run.” — Kristina Sy Su
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How about you? What are the things you would skip on when you’re on a tight budget? Share your answers in the comment area.



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