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Wedding Day Regrets: 4 Things You Should Avoid

wedding day regrets

For many people, their wedding is one of the most highly-anticipated days of their lives. Couples spend so much—not just money—but time and energy to ensure that their big day unfolds like a fairytale.  But even though their weddings were a dream, many admit that there were some details that could’ve been better.  Some might dismiss these as minor. But for others, they have quite a number of wedding day regrets–and they’re speaking up so future brides and grooms can avoid them!

We asked real-life brides to spill their own wedding day regrets.  Take note and be sure to avoid these like the plague!

Here are 4 Common Wedding Day Regrets of Brides:

1. Waiting until the last minute

“I should’ve started planning earlier.” – CL, married in 2014

Wedding Day Regrets, Christine Ong Te

Photo by JayJay Lucas of Chestknots Studios

Whether you’re getting a professional planner or going the DIY route, it’s always best to start early.  Look for wedding checklists online or take note of tiny but important details during the weddings you attend to make sure you don’t forget anything during the planning stage.

2. Forgetting the hair

“I wish I had decided on what I really wanted [for my hair] before I got too dazed during my wedding day.  I was so busy during the big day that I couldn’t focus on details as much as I would have liked.” – DS, married in 2015

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Photo by Mango Red

Believe it or not, 40% of the brides we interviewed had hair issues as one of their top wedding day regrets.  Talk it out with your HMUA until you’re completely satisfied.  And bring your trusty BFF who won’t be afraid to speak up if your hair looks too much like your wedding cake.  It’s also common for brides to get their makeup and hair trial on the day of their prenup shoot, but it’s not entirely advisable if you want different looks those separate days.

3. Compromising on suppliers

“I should’ve paid for the videographer I really wanted. Mine was good but I wasn’t fully satisfied with the output.” – MA, married in 2016

“I told my photographer about my limited video budget.  He made a good recommendation and I had no problems with either of them.  They were all very accommodating and supportive.” – JP, married in 2012

Most couples agree that investing in a photographer and videographer are extremely important.  Whatever your budget may be, it’s important to get to know your suppliers, especially these two.  Talk to them about what you want (Lots of candids vs. Formal Pamilya Zaragoza-style portraits? Maybe a Confessional SDE like Cris Villonco’s?) and look at their body of work before making the decision to hire.  If you want their service but their fee is slightly above your budget, discuss adjustments in the package until you can reach something you can be happy with.  The same is true for all suppliers!  You will be working with these people for months so make sure you like one another and can communicate openly.

4. Ignoring the RSVPs

“I wish I could’ve done a better headcount.  Approaching the big day, I had a moment of panic and decided to add seats but it turns out the original count was just right.  So I ended up paying extra.” – DS

“I should’ve assigned a person to receive my calls on the day itself.  People were calling to congratulate me while some were suddenly not going to make it.” – OG, married in 2016

“We had way too much leftover food.” – JN, married in 2012

wedding day regrets, metrophoto

Photo by Metrophoto

We confess, who among us hasn’t ignored an RSVP every once in a while?  So it’s best to assign someone who will religiously count your guests and help finalize your guest list.  This way, you know exactly how many people you’re feeding and how many seats there should be, especially if your reception venue is in some faraway land or would require additional tents or floor space should you go over your initial headcount.  Also, being gracious hosts, we never want to run out of food.  But getting a better headcount will at least help ensure less food wastage and therefore minimize our carbon footprint. Hurray!

Do you have your own wedding day regrets? Share them in the comments section below!  Future brides will be eternally grateful.

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  • Sam

    I love the asking of someone to receive calls. It’s so true! I haven’t been married of course but during my debut (18th birthday) people were asking for directions, and I was simply too busy to reply.

  • john rodgers

    The wedding is more stressful than the marriage. Even if you decide to handle it yourself, this is not a one person job. Use your friends and family for as much help as you need.

  • Miera Nadhirah Rashidi

    I agree the wedding is a very stressful thing…and sometimes it actually spoils the marriage.. and personally I have to say a regret I see is over spending.. I guess it cannot be helped as many people want to have a grand celebration for their one in a lifetime event with their loved one.. but if you have to spend over your limits, you are going to suffer your newly wed life for the next few months or years….so people should have a nice but simple wedding to their budget… and not have to invite everyone…

  • The tips is really helpful. I haven’t tied the knot yet but there were some who did not have planners and the people/guests were lost or did not sit on the assigned seats. Hope brides-to-be could read this during the planning stage cause some get really stressed out!

  • More Like Twins

    Thank you for the tips! Planning a wedding can be stressful and I know that there are things that you should consider as well. Some people might actually be able to make a long list of all the regrets they had in planning their wedding. I have been planning my wedding for 5 years now and I hope everything would be okay. I just want it to be perfect! But as they say, usually the planned ones are the ones that will always go wrong in the end. Crossing my fingers.

  • Retlyn

    So useful! I’m not married yet but I have cousins who are already married and some of them can relate in your post haha. Good thing that they’ve learned something and now they can share tips for the future brides

  • AngeliePangilinan

    These things I would’ve never thought would matter if I haven’t read this post. I haven’t been married yet but these are really great tips I need to keep in mind. To be honest, wedding preparations kind f scares me.

  • Cai

    Ito na siguro ang best website for all your wedding needs! I admire the
    People behind this site. While everyone are writing travel, food and fashion etc. here you are guys consistently sharing wedding related stories. I’m so amaze that you have endless topics and this one is helpful! Keep it up!

  • Richard Anthony Baldoza

    Weddings are beautiful and majestic but like what they say, not everything goes according to plan. I guess regrets like these are what makes good stories to other people. And even the most perfect events have little errors that no one notices — unless they share it! 🙂

  • The Side Hustle Stories

    Having just got married last month, I also wish I had done a better head count! Between no-shows and me over estimating our guest count, we ended up paying extra. The only other regret is that the day went by so fast and I wish I could have just soaked up every minute of it a little more. But I suppose you can really plan or change that. Overall though, it was a beautiful day and even these small “regrets” won’t change how amazing it was in the end.

  • Carola K

    Very good tips. It’s always a pity when you have some regrets. But God to share it, so other people can avoid that. I can understand it’s all overwhelming and you might forget things. In the end, everything will probably be beautiful and great. Just because it’s your wedding!

    • And that we agree! No matter how big or small your wedding is, it’s still beautiful.

  • Martine Cosio De Luna

    We really had no budget for a videographer for our wedding eight years ago. It was already a budget wedding, so we prioritized other things. Now that we are more established, I am planning a 10-year renewal of vows and making sure we have the videographer! 😉

    • Wow! a 10 yr renewal of vows. That’s a wedding to look forward to…. Just two more years.!!! Are you wearing the same gown or are you planning to get a new one?

  • Laveena Sengar

    I have my best friends wedding coming up soon. I can tell from her experience how important it is to have that day perfect in its own way. These are fabulous tips for sure.

  • Yogo Cream

    Thankfully, we’re not married yet. And MORE thankfully, this was written. This is a good affirmation of our existing plans. I have less chances of regretting anything on our wedding day.

    Anyway, Lloyd and I have discussed even if we’re marrying still far off in the future that we’ll heavily invest in the videographer and photographer. Plus, we’ll really assign someone to handle the RSVP. I experienced in my debut that it was really stressful. By the way, when is the best time to start booking the suppliers? -Me-An of

    • Hi Me-an, the best time really would be a year before your wedding day. Sometimes it’s 2 years especially if you’re going to be married on December. Church and Reception Venues get booked really early during that time of the month.

  • Samantha Applewhaite

    There’s SO MUCH that goes into planning a wedding… actually ANY event for that matter. I am an event planner and there are so many details to consider. I can’t imagine how it is for the bride. I’m not married (and not sure if I want to ever get married….). I can see why so many brides turn into… Bridezilla! lol

  • Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    We booked the important suppliers early so we were good with that. Regarding the hair though, that was something the HMUA and I did not discuss. I just trusted everything to her. We did not even meet until the wedding day. Haha! Happy that everything turned out well and the HMUA left me no room for regrets.

  • Sriparna Susan

    Well, I am about to get married in Fe’17 and your post is just what I needed :p
    Oh gosh, it is so much to keep up with… I know, the Hair is the most important thing for a bride, as that can change your look completely! Suppliers and RSVP’s are taken care of.. and planning, yes I am doing it from RIGHT NOW.. great post 🙂