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A Surprise Wedding That You Wouldn’t Want To Miss

Surprise Wedding

We all love surprises…a birthday party, an expensive gift, or a marriage proposal…these are just a few of the typical surprises anyone can encounter. But a surprise wedding?

Seems impossible, right? Well, not for Darius and Eireen. They were already married, legally with a contract signifying their union in matrimony. But Darius wants to make his wife’s dream of getting married in the church come true. And he didn’t just simply make it happen, he surprised Eireen on her own big day.

The Original Plan

Darius and Eireen were really planning to have their Church wedding on their Silver Civil Wedding Anniversary but unforeseen circumstances transpired and made it improbable. So, Eireen proposed to forego an extravagant Church wedding, and that they be blessed by her favorite priest, Father Deo, instead.

The Idea of a Surprise Wedding

Due to Father Deo’s unavailability during their anniversary, they just ended up hearing mass at the Cathedral of San Fernando. But her knight in shining armor, Darius, did not stop to endeavor their long-time dream and came up with a plan. And, it wasn’t just a plan to prep up a Church wedding but to surprise her damsel on the big day itself.

The Challenges Faced

Darius fought with time pressure as he was scheduled to leave the country a few weeks before the wedding and encountered canceled flights for his trip back.

There were also the matters of getting Eireen to have her wedding gown made, how to get her right ring size, Darius’ Baptismal and Confirmation records missing and the required verbal agreement of Eireen’s consent prior to the church wedding. What’s more, the wedding coordinator they initially tapped fell sick! All very tricky tasks when it comes to preparing a surprise wedding, don’t you think?

God’s Plans were Bigger

Surprise Wedding, Paolo Feliciano

To her Surprise, Eireen realized that the Church wedding she’s at was for her and not for her daughter. (Photo by Paolo Feliciano)

It seems, despite the challenges, God was rooting for these two to finally wed in Church as He showed Darius ways to get around the obstacles.

They were able to prepare the wedding details with Eireen in the guise of their eldest daughter’s wedding. But no one else knew about it being, in fact, for Darius & Eireen — not even their godparents & guests. All the while they thought the wedding was for their daughter Erika and her fiancé.

And Darius had to go on stealth mode one night using tools he borrowed from their ring maker to measure the size of her finger while she slept.

While abroad for the most part of the planning, Viber was his means of communicating with his daughter Erika who helped coordinate the plans with him. And fortunately, they were able to meet Voltaire Zalamea, introduced by Darius’ sister, who became their overall wedding coordinator.

Father Deo was also smoothly able to take Eireen’s consent for the wedding while officiating the sacraments Darius had to repeat in order to secure his records.

Father Deo finally told my wife, ‘Ikakasal na ang anak mo, Eireen. Ikaw, gusto mo bang magpakasal sa simbahan?’ To which my wife replied, ‘Of course father, syempre gusto ko pong magpakasal sa simbahan’, thus verbally expressing her desire to be wed in church, with me.”

So, the moment where Darius swept Eireen off her feet had arrived and we are given a chance to witness how God has made everything perfect in His time.

We asked our lovely couple, what was going through their minds during the big day? And here’s what they got to say:

DARIUS : “It was crazy. Everything that was happening was more than I expected, and I was very happy. The only thought that was running through my mind was just pure joy and happiness as I was marching down the aisle with my mother beside me. I was happy for myself, for my wife—I was happy for both of us. I was thinking, after all the obstacles that hindered us from being in this moment, here I am, waiting for the love of my life to finally say “I do” in front of our family and friends, and in front of God.”  

EIREEN : “Everything and everyone during the point where I got off from our car into the church was a blur. People were rushing in, everyone was so preoccupied with everything. When Voltaire (Zalamea, our wedding coordinator) finally told me to be the bride for that day, I could not absorb it. They were putting on my gown on top of the dress I am wearing, and I could not absorb the idea. The doors of the church opened, and it feels like I am floating atop of a mixture of emotions. I guess, it was just too “unrealistic”. What was happening was so surreal, it feels like I am [in] a dream. I was confused and at the same time ecstatic. When I was walking down the aisle, I was trying to convince myself that this is really happening. It’s funny because the moment the reality finally sunk in on me we were already at the reception. I passed through childhood friends and close kin when I was walking down the aisle, but I didn’t notice them because I was really overwhelmed with the feeling that this was indeed happening.” 

Admit it, we’ve all been swooned by this wondrous moment and who wouldn’t want to be surprised this way? Surely it appears such a challenge to make it happen, right?

Surprise Wedding, Paolo Feliciano

A very happy Darius with a very emotional Eireen (Photo by Paolo Feliciano)

When we asked Darius to share some tip with us, he said:

“The only tip that I could give to future husbands who are planning to give a surprise wedding for their future wives is this, make sure that the people involved in the planning and organizing process are trustworthy, and that they are persons that are able to keep a secret. The key to a surprise wedding is the preservation of the element of surprise and the commitment to keeping the ideas only to the people involved, and that will translate into a successful surprise wedding for you and your wives. Also, make this event momentous, precious, and special—it does not have to be extra expensive or extravagant for a surprise wedding to come into life. It only needs dedication, patience, a group of people to make it work, and most especially, [the] genuine love for your wife.”

They’ve waited 25 long years for this to happen and have been through a lot to make it possible. Be patient and trust God’s timing, He will make it perfect and beautiful at the right moment.

Surprise Wedding, Paolo Feliciano

Photo: Paolo Feliciano / Video: Chug Cadiogan Cinema / Coordinator: Events and Concepts by Voltaire Zalamea  / HMUA: Makeup Junction by Pea Gonzales Gowns/ Suit: Frederick Policarpio, Mat Basilio / Styling: Blooms Twentyseventen Eventstyling / Venue: The Country Garden

If you know other surprise wedding stories, please feel free to share them and contact us to inspire our grooms-to-be who will be planning their own!  

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  • Yogo Cream

    I was curious about this surprise wedding and good thing I clicked on it. This is so beautiful. And what a loving husband sir Darius is. Will show this to my parents and my co-blogger. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thanks for checking this out! Their story was so unique and as you can see in the video… everyone was just shedding tears of joy. Thanks again!

  • Holy S. Absolutely beautiful, Dominic. Hanep. Na feel ko ang reaction ng mga guests and from the video, and dami na naluha at na touch. Well done, and kudos to the husband and wife – Darius and Eireen.

    http://www.amazinglifedaily.com #AmazingLifeDaily

  • Carola

    Wow never heard of a surprise wedding before! So unique. Great to hear it was a big success. This is a great story. And the pictures look really wonderful. I really love the video. It’s awesome!

  • Ahh it’s a great idea! I never heard about surprise wedding! People spent months to planning the perfect decoration or place for the big day especially the women. How great could be just enjoying your own surprice wedding! I loved the pictures and the video!

  • This is the kind of stories that would make me believe in love again. I am tears whilst watching the video. I have so much respect and admiration for the husband. Men like him are hard to find these days.

  • Sriparna Susan

    This is so wonderful! How thoughtful can a partner get, to have planned a dream wedding after years of marriage! This is just a dream-come-true moment for every woman out there:)
    Thank You for sharing this with us!

  • Klaudias Corner

    Wow , what a beautiful wedding , the photos are stunning and how lovely to see the bride in tears. So emotional and so touching . The photo on top is amazing ! But , I have got one thing I need to say … the groom’s jacket ! Looks a size too small for him , doesn’t it ?! LOL I really enjoyed your post. Lovely idea to have a surprise wedding , wonderful post all together !

  • Awesome! This is a nice idea and i might just do the same for my wife when we reach that stage (If ever we do reach it haha kidding). Everything was wonderful.

  • Karla Ramos

    Lovely! I bet it was flooding with tears of joy that day, I honestly can flood my way if it were to be me in that limelight. I can’t help but think what she really felt throughout the day. It takes more than just trust for a surprise wedding, Darius surely can make it happen!

  • Aww, lovely couple! It is always beautiful to see life’s unexpected moments, just as this one. The universe conspires to make it happen! ♥

  • I love reading stories like this one. I’m a sucker for happy endings and it was really worth the wait! Such a memorable day for them. And kudos to Darious for being a ninja and master planner conniving with her daughter and friends! Such a beautiful wedding!