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Delicious Wedding Favors: 5 Homegrown Goodies You Need to Try

delicious wedding favors

If you love food (and you should, unless you’re a robot), then you need to consider giving away these delicious wedding favors on your big day! Here are our suggestions curated from five homegrown brands.

There’s no denying it: Filipinos love to eat! Most of our social activities are centered around the dinner table. And *sigh* with the inadequate number of public spaces such as parks or libraries, our go-to hangouts have become cafes and restaurants. But even though we sympathize with you and your expanding waistlines (trust us, we know the feeling), we can’t keep such good stuff a secret much longer. Here are five delicious wedding favors you might want to try, all from proudly Filipino companies. Get them for your ninongs and ninangs, or just try them out for fun! They won’t disappoint. Pinky promise.

Delicious Wedding Favors: 5 Homegrown Goodies You Need to Try

1. Hiraya’s Sampinit Brownies (Php 390/ box of 12)

We love how this quaint bakery all the way from San Pablo Laguna has given Western classics that distinct Pinoy twist. The duo behind Hiraya, having both worked in professional kitchens such as that in Sofitel Manila or Boston’s L’Espalier, decided to use locally available ingredients to help farmers but also to innovate unique iterations of some universally-loved pastries.

Something we recommend for weddings is our Rosemary Caramel Shortbread Cookies. Several clients have ordered this for their wedding giveaway, and we’ve gotten new clients because of this. [They say] ‘Natikman ko sa wedding ni…’

Their Rosemary Caramel Shortbread Cookies cost only Php 180 per pack of six and is sure to please even the most picky guest! At the Top Knotters, we vote for the Sampinit brownies partly because it comes in a native tampipi gift box, but more so because we can never resist raspberry-fudge anything! Hiraya’s version substitutes raspberries with a local berry from Quezon. Depending on how much you can budget for your delicious wedding favors (and also on the blood sugar levels of your guests or sponsors), you can alternatively order a sampler of their mini loaf cakes (Php 450), which includes their popular flavors: Dalandan-Cardamom, Honey Spice, and Banana Pili Streusel, also packaged nicely in tampipi. Can you say, “yum”?

Hiraya products contain no preservatives so, when you order them, make sure you get them just one or two days before your wedding! They’re best consumed within four days from baking. So fresh!

2. Theo and Philo’s Calamansi Dark Chocolate Bar (Php 105 /50g. bar)

Perhaps the most well-known homegrown brand on this list, but we just had to include Theo and Philo.  Why? Because we know that, as guests or members of the wedding party, we’d only be too happy to get these. This company was the first to produce bean-to-bar chocolates in the Philippines which, in itself, is quite a feat! Theo and Philo uses only chocolate from Davao and sugar from Bacolod.

But they stepped it up ten notches and offered us truly unique and exciting Pinoy flavors like Adobo or Green Mango and Sea Salt (their best seller). Our personal favorite is the tangy Calamansi bar, so make sure you include that in the box of three you’re giving away, ok? Truly one of the most delicious wedding favors the bride and groom can give away. Bonus: they also customize wrappers with your monogram.

Here’s a list of stores where you can purchase Theo and Philo.

3. Native Gourmet’s Adobong Tahong (Php295 / 8oz.)

If your ninongs and ninangs don’t have a sweet tooth, you can try gifting them more savory fare. We love Native Gourmet’s mussels because it makes eating seafood hassle-free! You can eat it on its own or, because we love our carbohydrates, on bread, with rice, or poured over pasta. No wonder it’s their best seller! Don’t wait until the last minute if you’re planning to get this for your delicious wedding favors: they often run out of stocks fast!

For a twist on another local favorite, you might want to try their beautiful and oh-so-affordable Organic Champorado bottles (Php195 for 300g) too. Just add sugar, honey, or milk and you’re good to go. Your guests will be able to eat it right away because they’re sure to wake up late the next morning after all that partying in your wedding. Kudos to you for being so thoughtful!

4. Wit’s Spiced Cacao Nib + Mango Granola (Php 165 /bag)

If you think your guests will be nurturing a lot of guilt after your wedding feast, then consider giving them Wit’s distinctly Pinoy granola for your delicious wedding favors. Not only is it cheaper than most granola brands out there, it’s also all-natural and packed with antioxidant-rich cacao nibs that were grown and fermented locally in Davao. You can enjoy Wit’s as a topping on yogurt, ice cream, or even on salads, but you can munch on it as a snack too! If your guests have a long drive ahead of them after your reception, you can bet that it’ll be all gone by the time they get home. It’s that irresistible!

We prefer the spiced variety but it also comes in tangy, tasty, and spicy. You can also get your truly health-conscious guests the low-glycemic recipe for an additional Php35. Now isn’t that sweet?

5. Proudly Promdi’s Bielma Bugnay Fruit Wine (Php 450 /750ml)

Giving away wine to your VIPs is always a popular option. Why not go one step further by giving them Proudly Promdi’s Bielma Bugnay fruit wine? Bugnay, a local cherry found in Ilocos Norte, is fermented and handmade by the Adams tribe to produce wine that’s similar to Merlot, but a tad sweeter. It’s a safe and pleasant alternative to table wine and a perfect way to introduce your guests to locally-produced wines.

Aside from the Bugnay wine, they also offer Tapuey Wine, a popular local drink used for rituals. Either of these can also be used to mix your own cocktails. Have your guests head over to their Instagram for easy recipes they can enjoy at home.

And so much more!

There are so many delicious wedding favors to choose from! If you’re giving away favors (not that you need to), we strongly suggest you #TryLocalPH. Not only is it a big help for our countrymen, but also for you because it’ll give you much #PinoyPride. So go ahead, discover what makes our country and its people just so darn amazing!

NOTE: This is an independent review and The Top Knotters has not and will not receive any compensation for featuring the above products and brands. (But if you want to send us some samples–no strings attached–we’d only be too happy to gobble them up!) The Top Knotters is committed to helping our readers plan their own #WeddingsWithHeart with 100% honest reviews. Plus, we love local! If it’s a paid feature, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Which of these 5 delicious wedding favors would you consider giving away to your VIPs? Also, share with us your other yummy suggestions in the comments below!

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