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7 Good Reasons Why You Need To Hire A Stylist

Photo by: Toto Villaruel

Photo by: Toto Villaruel

So, you have decided to have a prenup session. Nowadays, it’s a popular part of any couple’s wedding preparations simply because it’s the best way to create and preserve good memories. Couples can now look back to that happy day after many years and show these fun images to their children. The pictures will always be the perfect conversation piece for any occasion.

Convinced about the prenup, you already scheduled a session with your photographer. However, you are clueless about what to do on that day.

But imagine the added stress on your daily duties due to the pressure of thinking of the creative requirements of a photo shoot, which are plenty but have no idea about.

For couples who have no time to spare, hiring a stylist is the key to a worry-free photo shoot.

Stylists are specialists in making your engagement memorable and fun. You can, therefore, concentrate on enjoying every minute of the experience. Let the stylist take care of the cumbersome details.

Getting married is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and wouldn’t it be nice if you make it unforgettable?

Photo by: Cherryblocks

Photo by: Cherryblocks

The stylist is the answer to a worry-free and a beautifully documented engagement.

The stylist is the answer to a worry-free and a beautifully documented engagement.Click To Tweet

Here are some of the reasons why you need to hire a stylist / production designer on your engagement session:

1.  If you have no idea about what to do, an engagement stylist will provide concepts for you.

Concepts and art direction are carefully planned based on the interests and personality of the couple.

Photo by: Metrophoto

Photo by: Metrophot

2.  No need to think of what to wear or to bring on your prenup day.

Though you have tons of clothes but the question is, are they fashionable enough for the prenup? Stylists can bring different styles and kinds of clothes that include casual, formal, vintage, and trendy. They also provide clothes along with shoes and accessories to complete the look. They make sure to bring out what’s best for your body type so you can look your best in the photos.

3.  No need to shop for clothes.

Shopping may consume your time especially when you don’t know what to choose and buy. Let the stylist do it for you!

4.  If you choose to bring your own clothes, outfits can be coordinated in terms of style and color by the stylist.

Also, the couple’s clothes must be coordinated with the prenup location. If you have a stylist, you can brainstorm on many ideas. The stylish will suggest fresh and novel ideas.


5.  Stylists give assistance for each step in the whole prenup process.

Wedding requirements can be taxing and can be quite a chore in terms of choosing the concept, right outfits, location, itinerary, and makeup artist. Stylists suggest the best options. Stylists also make sure that everything is going well especially on the prenup day itself. If you do not have a coordinator with you on that day, stylists can act as the coordinator to help you with the logistics such as itinerary and food.

6.  Stylists remind you about important matters.

They can remind you about the simplest things such as not to use conditioner on your hair for the prenup day because it may loosen the curls of your hair, the art direction of the shoot, the right angle, and poses that are ideal for you.

7.  Having a production design makes your engagement session more unique than others.

There are several locations now that are good for the prenup. However, due to the demand of engagement sessions, locations are becoming overused. Stylists can provide set design or production design that may vary depending on your concept. They can turn a simple garden into an enchanted place or a bare studio into a glamorous place. They can make your favorite characters come alive. Production design can be very helpful in achieving the client’s concept. Props in the set design also help the couple to interact with each other and to elicit natural reactions for good photos. Stylists make sure that set designs are creative and unique in every way.

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Photos in clockwise order courtesy of Proudrad, Metrophoto, We do it for love and Toto Villaruel

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