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5 Things Your Makeup Artist Wishes You Absolutely Knew

The wedding day is one of the most treasured days in a girl’s life. It is when she expects perfection and feels the prettiest. Of course, she absolutely deserves it.

This is where the wonder-hands of the makeup artist come in. Swirling her magic brushes, like wands, she adds dazzle and charm to this enchanting day.

Here are a few tips to help you in your search:

  1. Don’t wait until the last minute. Book early!

    Deciding on how you want to look on your wedding day is as important as choosing the ultimate wedding gown. Yet, most brides take this for granted. Almost always, they spend so little time finding the right person to help them achieve that perfect look. Remember, good makeup artists are usually booked months in advance. You don’t want to be left in panic. This day, after all, is all about you and the person you are spending forever with, so looking beautiful and radiant for your beloved is a plus.

    Makeup Artist

    HMUA by Jo Chan; Photo by Ryan Ortega Photography

  2. Choose someone you feel comfortable with and whose work you love.

    Before hiring a professional makeup artist, make sure that you have thoroughly viewed and reviewed her portfolio. Read testimonials, recommendations, and feedback. This will give you an in-depth idea of her work. This will also help you decide if her style is what you are looking for. You should be able to freely communicate your concerns and thoughts so he or she may understand what you want and how you imagine yourself to be. It is also important that you have confidence in your make-up artist.

  3. Ensure that your make-up artist is a reliable expert in the industry.

    A true professional makeup artist is equipped with the right skills, proper tools, and is knowledgeable in using the right products, correct colors, and techniques on applying makeup. Instead of focusing on your imperfections, she would highlight your best features. Makeup should last throughout the whole event. It is important that the makeup withstand tears and endure long hours of harsh lighting, heat and, perspiration. Touch up should be minimal. This is going to be a long and emotional day. You should not be worrying about the make-up but feel assured with it.

    Makeup Artist

    HMUA by Jo Chan ; Photo by Derek de los Santos of Redfox Photography

  4. Find someone who can help you achieve the perfect look.

    This is not the time to experiment on something new. Makeup should be kept simple, natural yet elegant. It has to complement your hairstyle as well as your wedding gown and not contend it. Your trusted makeup artist should be able to create a timeless look and bring out your inner glow best captured in photos that can withstand the test of time.

  5. Invest in a dependable artist to avoid unnecessary stress.

    Bridal makeup may look easy to do, but it is one of the most challenging to create because there is no room for a second take. Allocate a budget to get someone you can trust so you will be guaranteed a stress-free day. You may think getting a good makeup artist can be too costly, but you will find that many are reasonably priced. However, be wary of extremely low prices, as the quality of work and products may be sacrificed. After all, your dream wedding will not be complete without you looking the most stunning on your special day.

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  • Medyo me na learn na rin ako ng konti sa industry ng make up. NOT EVERYONE is good. NOT ALL who charges high are good. In the end, go with value. So hindi pwedeng pera pera lang ang consideration. Oo nga, kung ang make up artist na gusto is popular, book early. On the other hand, halos dumating na sa time na kapag mag post ka ng question sa Facebook kung sinong me kilalang make up artist, sure iyan maraming referrals. Ang dami na pala kasing make up artists now.


    • True!You are right about everything what you said! And yes, there really are a bunch of new make-up artists now. Same with other wedding suppliers so we’re trying to educate more soon-to-wed couples on how to choose one that they would not regret!

  • Tying the know is still further off for me but this is noted and when the hopeful day comes I’ll look for the HMUA I can trust… Good thing I met a few friends whose job is to prettify women with their magic wands (brushes). Thanks for this!

    MicaThere’s More to Mica

  • AngeliePangilinan

    To be honest, I never had an experience in booking makeup artists. If any, my aunt and my friends are the ones who always does makeup my makeup. It works for me since they knew my preference and they already know what my features are so I’m never disappointed with their work. I have been made up by a makeup artist before named Eman De Leon and it was such an awesome experience, it was a blast having your makeup done by skilful hands, not to mention he shared a lot of tips while he was doing my makeup. 😉

  • Thanks for the tips, I have a friend who is doing a Makeup and Beauty Course, will be surprising her of what I learned today.

  • Carola

    Great tips. You’ll just have this one day so it should be right! It’s very important to make the right choice and a lot of research can really help in this!

  • Jessica

    That’s a big day! Every plan and penny is worth for your look on this day. Finding someone who is professional enough and you’re comfortable to be with will be the best keys.Not really knowledgeable on this field so thank your for all these details.

  • Zwitsy

    I certainly agree on the key points you have listed here. If I am going to book for a makeup artist, I’ll surely go to the one whom I can trust to.

  • Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    During my wedding, I just got a trusted name in the industry and went for it. I didn’t even meet her until the wedding day. Looking back, that might have been a bad move but I’m glad it all worked out fine. 🙂

  • orana velarde

    I would add that you should get a test run first! As a makeup artist myself, I always offered test runs with hair included so that on the actual day, the bride already knows what she is getting and won’t have any surprises.

    • Sound advice. Nothing could be worse than horrible make up and/or failed wedding gown and on the day of the wedding itself at that! Contingencies then make sense, doesn’t it? I assume too, that for most make up artists, the one truth customers should know is that it ain’t free. HAHA.

      http://www.amazinglifedaily.com #AmazingLifeDaily

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  • tet

    We were in a tight budget for our wedding and I was happy that I got a makeup artist whose service was really great and commendable. He might not be a known artist in the industry but I believe in supporting those few who have talents in their field. Now, we are friends and I always book my hair appointments with him.

    • nicolepaler

      I’m so happy that things worked out for you! I myself now wish that I read blogs like this when I was about to get wed. Kainis lang kasi, I booked an MUA like 1 week before the wedding, and there was no trial run. So the makeup that s/he did for me is kinda off in some photos, especially those with bad lighting. It’s good though na maputi ako at the time, and it wasn’t too obvious. But I pity my mom’s makeup because it was pretty tough. That is the very reason why I trained myself and enrolled in a pro make up course in SOFA, because I wanted to give to the other brides what I didn’t get in my own wedding. parang I have all the knowledge on ‘what not to do’ or what must not happen in a wedding hahahaha! 😀

  • There’s nothing worse than a bride without a perfect make-up at her wedding, or one that has cheap make-up on that starts to run over in heat. A bride should always chose a professional make-up artist with many references. Her wedding is the most important day of her life, she needs to look perfect.

  • Klaudias Corner

    Excellent tips , I would always go for a ‘trial’ or test run before the big wedding’s happening. But I think , that is part of the pre counseling anyway. I love visiting your blog , all these beautiful brides , you choose your images very wise , very elegant. I think , wedding planner could be a great job for myself , if I had to start again. Such lovely things to write and think about as it all turns about ‘Oh , Happy Day ‘

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