Top Knotters Community: Support Group For The Engaged
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Top Knotters Community: Support Group For The Engaged

How many people does it take to put together a dream wedding? An entire community!

Once he puts a ring on it, the couple enters into the process of adopting each other’s families. But during the wedding preparations, an extended family also comes calling.  There are your best girls who help you do the RSVPs, your groomsmen who force you to lose the dad-bod for the beach honeymoon, your officemates who give recommendations from their own weddings, and your trusted suppliers—those top knotters—whom you’ve spent hundreds of hours stalking on Facebook just to book.

Achieving that dream wedding usually comes with a bucket of blood, sweat, and tears.  But the Top Knotters Community seeks to be a support group for couples to help ensure smooth sailing as they prepare, not just for the wedding, but also for married life.  

What the Top Knotters Community offers:

1. Share reviews for suppliers

Don’t know which florist to get? Or maybe you’re looking for a vegetarian caterer? There are little gems of suppliers who can only be discovered by word-of-mouth. Let the personal experiences of other members help you and your partner make up your mind. This is especially useful when you haven’t been to a lot of weddings similar to what you envision for your selves.

2. Ask questions!

Contrary to popular belief, not everything is on Google. Don’t know how you can throw a wedding with a Php 300,000 budget? Or maybe you’re uncertain about the traditions of your religion or local culture? You can post your specific dilemma on the community board and get opinions from other engaged couples whose network or experience may be wider than yours.

3. Holistic preparations

The Top Knotters Community recognises that spiritually and emotionally preparing for the marriage is even more important than preparing for the wedding itself. Members are encouraged to discuss their choices for Engagement Retreats, or the search for priests or pastors who will not only officiate at the wedding but also be their spiritual advisor. Couples can also share how they are learning to make wedding decisions together, which is good practice for married life!

4. Get some relief!

Desperate for advice on how to be patient with your future spouse when he still hasn’t made his list of guests yet? Your sisters can hear you out! Sometimes you just need someone who will listen and whom you know is going through the same thing.

5. Great deals from partners

Exclusive offers from partner suppliers will be made available the Top Knotters Community to help member couples achieve the wedding of their dreams.

Engaged? If you wish to join the Top Knotters Community, head on over to the Facebook group!  You can also read about other wedding communities here.  Try out a few and see which ones suit your needs most!

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