Vic & Pauleen's Wedding: 5 Ways These Celebrities Are Just Like Us
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Vic & Pauleen’s Wedding: 5 Ways These Celebrities Are Just Like Us

Vic and Pauleen, metrophoto

Early this year, one of the most iconic entertainers in the country wed his beautiful long-time girlfriend.  You know them: Vic and Pauleen (surnames optional). 

And though very few of us will ever have to wade through paparazzi-like crowds on our own wedding days, this full video by Jason Magbanua helps us unfold quite a revelation: Celebrities are just like us normal mortals too!  Here’s all the proof you need.

Vic and Pauleen Wedding

Fans and spectators waiting to catch a glimpse of the bride. Screenshot from video by Jason Magbanua.

Here are 5 Ways Why These Celebrities Are Just Like Us:

1. They do public service.

Weddings are often private affairs.  But when Bossing Vic and Pauleen opened theirs to a live audience, it wasn’t just for the ratings (though cynics might beg to differ).  In a country mired in corruption and poverty, entertainment becomes a huge source of joy for many a Filipino.  It distracts us from the traffic, from the bills we have to pay, from the leaks in our roof—even for just the length of a noontime show.  Why do you think AlDub and all these love teams with undeniably cute mashed-up names became so popular? 

Official Photos of the Vic Sotto and Pauleen Luna Wedding Photographer

Pauleen flanked by her dutiful bridesmaids. Recognize anyone? Photo by Metro Photo.

2. They have to compete with (almost) scene-stealing guests.

Speaking of AlDub, did you spot the split-screen couple at the church together?  Notice how, when Vic and Pauline were making their way out of the church, surrounded by bodyguards, Maine Mendoza was second-in-line, also being protected from cheering fans.  And then Pauleen only had a reigning Miss Universe for a bridesmaid.  Where there any non-celebrities among the guests at all?!  We will say this for the bride, though–despite all the competition, she was truly the most beautiful woman of the night.  Move over, Pia! (But we still love you dear! And we’re sure you were a well-behaved bridesmaid.)

Vic and Pauleen

The bride at her prep venue. Photo by Metro Photo.

3. They try to save where they can.

We don’t even want to ask how much Vic and Pauleen spent on their wedding.  But what does amuse us is that they seem to have found a hotel sponsor for the preparations leading up to the ceremony.  Take your cue from Pauleen, brides!  No one is ever too rich for a good deal. #tipidtips


The only gift Vic Sotto ever wished for. Screenshot from video by Jason Magbanua.

4. They make Christmas shopping tricky.

“Dati ang tanong natin: What do we give the groom—Bossing—who has everything? Tuwing Pasko, tuwing may okasyon, hirap kaming mag-isip.  Now we know there’s an answer: Pauleen.”

We all have that one friend or relative whom we can never figure out what to gift during Christmas (though maybe not for the same reasons as Bossing over here).  Vic reminds us of our guy and girlfriends who could all do with just one thing: the love of their lives.  Now if only they came with free gift-wrapping…

Vic and Pauleen

Is this how the couple deals with their struggles? Screenshot from video by Jason Magbanua.

5. Their struggle is real too.

“Great marriages don’t happen by luck or by accident. They are the result of the consistent investment of time, thoughtfulness, forgiveness, affection, prayer, mutual respect and a rock solid commitment between husband and wife.” 

“Hindi lang ito legal.  Higit sa lahat, ang inyong pagsasama ay magiging banal.  You will face more challenges in life because you chose to be for God.”

We didn’t closely follow the tabloid timeline of Vic and Pauleen’s relationship but, based on the speeches, we can tell they experienced their own hardships too.  Just like us regular folk!  But the advice their priest has for them is something we can all take note of:

“Pauleen, you need not believe that fitting your wedding gown will affect your wedding. And Bossing, you need not believe that there is power in choosing a particular season or date for this wedding. I assure you, the power of God is enough. The moment you realize how much effort you have given and how many struggles you’ve gone through for this love affair, the more you will appreciate its value and meaning.”

There’s something for us to remember when the going gets tough! And thanks again to Vic and Pauleen for reminding us that they’re just like us!  Now, if only someone can help us feel like celebrities for a day… Maybe JMags would be willing to volunteer?

Supplier Spotlight: Photo: Metrophoto | Video: Jason Magbanua
How else do you think are celebrities just like us? Post your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  • Nice to know the people behind the fame and celebrity status. Kasi minsan diba parang halos diyos na ang tingin sa kanila ng tao, pero ang totoo, tao pa rin naman sila. Even on weddings, dinadaanan din nila ang dinadaanan ng katulad natin. I do admire celebrities who make it solemn rather than a public spectacle 🙂

  • Something that celebrities have to deal with — people forgetting that they are also human and go through the same emotions, struggles and challenges that we ordinary people go through. It’s actually tougher for them because they are always under the scrutiny of the public.

  • Maaya Legaspi

    I guess it’s not about the guests or the preparation. It’s about the ceremony itself. Whether you’re a celebrity or a regular person, what matters most is the ceremony and not how grand the wedding is. Sure, it’s nice if we can afford to have a grand wedding but above it all, just like other weddings, it is the vows that’s matters most. Just like with Vic and Pauleen. After all, they’re just people too.

    Living in the Moment |

  • I have never heard of Vic and Pauleen. A celebrity wedding is always a big thing. These photos are amazing and the dress is stunning. They look so happy as well ?

  • Cai

    Well written article. Kelan kaya ma fefeature dito ang wedding day ko? Kidding haanp muna kong partner! Anyway, when I watched the video it truely show that even how big celebrity you are, they are still human. They just like us. The emotions are real, not directed. Everything are natural not scripted and I can see the joy in their face. Bossing is so gwapo at his age. Pauleen is lucky to have him. As well with bossing, finally she found someone who will take care of him.

  • Carola

    I had to look up who Vic and Pauleen are, but now I know :). The picture of Pauleen with the bridesmaids is beautiful! It’s nice that you show how they are just like everyone else. A wedding is huge thing for everyone. And they were probably just as excited!

  • Nilyn EC Matugas

    I haven’t heard about them after the wedding. Di ko sila masyado nasusundan. But the song choice on their video montage is really cool. I played that so many times in the past. Vic and Pauleen are a strong couple for me. We know how they were ridiculed because of their age gap. But that didn’t matter, love wins!


    They’re a lovely couple. Although they’re in the limelight, they kept a certain level of secrecy/ privacy for their relationship, which probably made it last. It’s nice to see the photos of their wedding. It makes me excited for my upcoming wedding as well. Thanks for sharing! – Jen

  • Pria Amor Bote

    I admire them. Even though they have a wide gap in terms of age but their relationship is match made in heaven. They are lucky to have each other. I hope ganito ka “Star studded” ang magiging wedding ko. LOL

  • I haven’t followed them but I’ve heard about their story. I know for some that age difference is a big fuss but to them, it’s nothing. This is what I admire about them as well. Also, another thing that I admire about them is that even if they’re both celebrities that are always in the spotlight, they still managed to have a private life which is quite ironic of you’re a celebrity. ? Kudos to Jason Magbanua for the video! ?

  • Berlin Domingo

    Such a nice video. And such a beautiful story. I am not a fan of either Vic and Pauleen but somehow, this video made me appreciate them, the bride especially.

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