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Pros and Cons of a Destination Wedding

Apulit Island, Oak St Studios, Destination Wedding

Do you want to get married on an island off the coast of Bicol? Have you been fantasizing about those pictures of beautiful cliff-side wedding parties in Batanes?

If a wedding is a climax to the perfect love story, it follows that such a momentous occasion merits an unforgettable setting.

In a country like the Philippines where exotic destinations abound, it can be tempting to say “I do” against the warm orange glow of a sunset by the beach.

What can be more romantic than having nature’s own work of art as a backdrop to a commitment you’ll make only once in your lifetime?

If this sounds like your dream wedding, ask yourself: is a destination wedding the right choice for me and my partner? Before the two of you can ride off into the sunset, take note of these tips and be mindful of the pros and cons of destination weddings.

Apulit Island, Destination Weddings

Apulit Island Wedding (Photo by Oak St Studios)

Pro: It’s easy to keep the ceremony simple…

As you can imagine, planning for destination weddings can involve some complications. This isn’t always a bad thing.  Because of certain limitations, a destination wedding is perfect for couples who want to keep their ceremony simple. To avoid unnecessary logistical problems, keep your focus on the most important details and forgo anything else that might seem more extravagant.


Con: …but this doesn’t necessarily translate to fewer complications and planning expenses

Still, even with a more streamlined wedding, the whole process of planning long-distance requires plenty of time. It can also set you back financially. Be prepared to spend on your guests’ food and accommodations. Make sure you set the date early. Do plenty of research about your chosen destination and learn more about the local wedding suppliers there. It would help if you can work with a planner that has plenty of experience arranging destination weddings.

Punta Fuego, Destination Weddings

Punta Fuego Wedding (Photo by Oak St Studios)

Pro: It’s perfect for an intimate gathering…

A destination wedding is perfect for couples who want to have a more intimate celebration. Because of the aforementioned restrictions, it’s best to keep your wedding party limited to each of your families and close friends. As long as you’re not particularly enamored by the idea of having 200 guests in your wedding, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t say “I do” in Boracay.

Con: …but a limited guest list can lead to hurt feelings

Of course, limiting your guest list to only a specific number of people can be easier said than done. An intimate gathering can often lead to a lot of hurt feelings, with some friends and distant relatives feeling left out of your special day. This is a social minefield, not every couple wants to deal with.

Punta Fuego Wedding, Destination Wedding

Punta Fuego Wedding (Photo by Oak St. Studios)

Pro: You can combine your wedding and honeymoon by choosing your dream locale

Instead of planning a separate trip for your honeymoon, you can simply hold your wedding in that exotic locale you and your partner have always wanted to visit. You can simply extend your stay after the wedding party is over.


Con: …but some of your guests might have a hard time taking time off to travel for your wedding

Just take note that by choosing to hold your wedding in a far-off destination, some of your guests might not be able to attend. Some of your friends might have a hard time getting off work. Some might not be able to afford the journey. Your grandparents and other older guests might find it difficult to travel far away from home. Avoid these problems by finalizing your guest list before deciding on a destination. Talk to the essential guests and let them know of your plans, so you can adjust accordingly.

A destination wedding promises a serene and picturesque ceremony that can be hard to achieve in the busy rush of an urban area. However, they can also be difficult organize. As long as you’re ready to undertake the unique challenges that come with planning a destination wedding, you’ll see that the benefits will easily outweigh its disadvantages.

Given the Pros & Cons, Would you prefer having a Destination Wedding?


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  • Yes, a destination wedding sounds delightful and romantic in theory but I think it requires the same planning etc as a wedding at home. I think planning a wedding from another country could be very stressful and I would probably want to check out the venue and destination first which would involve taking a trip there first which would be very expensive.

  • I was always thinking to do a very closed wedding! Only my family and my closest friends, these are the people I need at my happiest day of my life ! So definitely yes!!!

  • We’ll definitely go for a destination wedding at some point! You’ve got some very good points here worth considering – thank you.

  • I think it can only be successful to have a desetination wedding if everyone is on board with the concept. I had a semi-destination wedding and a lot of people traveled to be there with me and that meant a lot. It was where I wanted to be married so I went with it.

  • A wedding at some distant destination? Why not. But on the other hand it`s pretty time-consuming and you need, in my opinion even better organising skills as with a standard wedding. Because everything has to be planned, and there is no room for change.

  • A destination wedding is a great idea, if you want to keep it simple and if you want a closed wedding. I would definitely think about it, in that case. But if you want to invite many people, it should be very difficult. You have covered every aspect very well, so this article is a must-read for those who are considering a destination wedding, before they decide what to do.

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