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Potipot Island Prenup: Jonathan & Maria

Potipot Island Prenup, Rule of Third Photography

Well within the rainy season, we can’t help but hold on to a bit of summer with this Potipot Island Prenup session.  Once again this island attracts a couple of beach lovers for their engagement session.

For Jonathan & Maria, what attracted them to this island, in particular, are:

“The fine white sand, clear water and blue sky. Potipot Island’s amazing view, uniqueness and tranquility made it the perfect location for our prenup”


To the couple, the 7-hour drive from Manila was well worth it, despite their initial dismay when it rained on the day of their shoot. Fortunately, the sun eventually came out making them feel better about the day they have ahead.

The shoot started after a quick satisfying lunch and a short makeup session where their hair & makeup artist, Gerly Casinto gave Maria a polished natural look that lasted until the end of their engagement session.

The couple took to a range of looks for three sets. From a daring but elegant formal look to a vintage seaside theme and a token summer resort set.

Thanks to their stylist, Mikee Sangco, Jonathan & Maria were comfortable with the outfits they wore. Even with the suit and flowy gown, it was easy for them to pose on the beach. Then there were natural props around the island that added to the character of their photos like the huge driftwood and the kubo on the beach.


Things also went smoothly for them because their photographer, JR Salonga of Rule of Thirds and their stylist seamlessly worked in harmony since they’ve been working together for quite some time already. It helped make things better and easier for them to all get along together.

Looks like the couple really had a memorable & fun time during their shoot.

“Jonathan and I were able to do the shoot feeling natural and free to be ourselves because the whole prenup has been a happy adventure. Everybody supported each other, brainstormed together, had laughs, satisfying meals, a few drinks and enjoyed each other’s company.”


And that’s just how it should be.

So, for their tips for other soon-to-weds who would like to have an experience similar to theirs, here’s what the couple has to share:

  1. Decide what you like to do as a couple —  any hobby you both love doing, anything that will reflect your personality & affection to each other.
  2. With the evolution of “selfie”, practically everybody knows what their best angle is. So don’t be shy to share and show your best angle is. It will or might not only save you some time it could also get you more of the pictures you want.
  3. Don’t wear anything that you are uncomfortable with.
  4. Just be yourself.
  5. Enjoy and have fun!

img_8620 potipotjrsalonga_0006 potipotjrsalonga_0003 potipotjrsalonga_0008 potipotjrsalonga_0011 potipotjrsalonga_0004 potipotjrsalonga_0005 potipotjrsalonga_0007 potipotjrsalonga_0010 potipotjrsalonga_0012 potipotjrsalonga_0009Potipot Island Prenup

Supplier Spotlight: Photography / Videography: JR Salonga of Rule of Thirds Photography & Film | Hair & Makeup: Gerly Casinto of GLOW by GERLY and Bea Carino for hair color | Stylist: Mikee Sangco of Mikee Sangco Designs
These tips seem to work with Jonathan and Maria. If you were to have your own beach prenup, how would you do it?

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  • Minsan lang maging artista, that’s the first thing that came to mind when I was looking at the photos. Imagine the effort that went into each photos. For instance, getting on the trunk of the tree, that has to take time especially with what the bride was wearing. Production talaga. I wish the couple a happy marriage!

  • Berlin Domingo

    As usual nice photos, lovely couples and beautiful concept. Weve been to Potipot Island once and that time, it was just too crowded. Nonetheless, we still enjoyed our short swim and walk around the island. Its too small not to be able to tour. My kids enjoyed the boat ride going to and from the island.

  • Kati Allan

    We’ve been to Potipot as well and I can say that the photos give justice as to how nice the place looks. Also helps that groom and bride are both camera friendly 🙂 Though, honestly, I never considered it a prenup location because of it’s location. But seeing the photos, the 7 hour travel is indeed worth it.