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3 Important Things Brides Should Absolutely Carry


All brides dream of that perfect wedding day where all they have to do is show up, walk down the aisle, say ‘I do’, dance & laugh the whole night with nothing to worry about just enjoying each moment.

The reality is, there would be one or two things that are bound to ‘not happen as planned’. Most of the time, these are due to things brides themselves don’t have control over. When this happens, the right mindset is to really let go and let things flow on your big day. If you’ve done the necessary preparations and have set the right people in place to do what needs to be done for your wedding, don’t stress yourself any further. Somehow, the details have a way of falling into place. The only time to worry, really, is when either or both your groom and the officiator are nowhere to be found.

But this doesn’t mean you, as a bride, shouldn’t be girl scout-ready for your wedding.

Here is a list of things to take note of so you, dear brides, will be ready to have your bases covered and avoid any unnecessary stress on your big day:

Brides, Lipstick

Make sure to bring the same lipstick shade you will be using throughout the day

  • Lipstick

Your make up will never be complete without lipstick. Out of all the make-up you’ll have on, chances are, your lipstick would likely be gone by the time the ceremony is over.  Sometimes make up artists would stay until the start of the reception to help you retouch for this. But not all would do so and there are still a lot of pictures to be taken during the course of the reception program where your lipstick is likely to fade as you indulge in your wedding feast.

For this, make sure to have with you lipstick that has the same color as the one your makeup artist used on you, so you can easily do the retouches yourself. It would be best to discuss this lip color detail with your make-up artist as early as your trial make up session.

  • Hanky/Tissue

We know how weddings can get quite emotional. Brides, especially, would tend to be all teary eyed even right after having their make-up done either from seeing her family & friends around her as they prepare for their big day or just at the sentimental thoughts that come to mind on such a momentous occasion. Expect tears to flow, or at least get misty eyed, as you walk down the aisle, say your vows or listen to speeches during the reception.

Let’s face it, waterworks might not only involve tears but may include sweat as well. Depending on the time of year, time of day and venue, and air-con situation, you might find yourself feeling that trickle of sweat during the ceremony or reception celebration.

Having tissue or a hanky on hand will prove to be very useful in making you feel and look less messy from the tears & sweat.

Don’t forget to remind the groom to bring one as well. Aside from the tears, he’s likely to sweat profusely out of sheer nervousness. Make sure not to bring the brittle kind of tissue though lest some bits of tissue get left on your face after wiping tears or sweat away.

brides, cellphone

In case of emergency, bringing your cellphone with you isn’t really a bad idea

  • Cellphone

The cellphone is not meant for you to micro manage the details for your wedding and constantly follow up on things – unless you really planned to be your own wedding planner for your big day. You just need to keep your cellphone with you so that you can easily contact anyone should you need anything especially during the preps.

Having your cellphone with you also helps with having something to fidget on when you find yourself getting anxious about the wait (ie, waiting in the bridal car for your cue to get down and get ready to walk down the aisle, etc).

It’s absolutely important that you carry these three things with you, so that you wouldn’t have to go about searching for someone to hand these to you. Have them easily accessible in your trusty wedding pouch. Take note to prepare what to include in your wedding pouch as well. Since your pouch needs to be small enough not to be conspicuous, keep only five items in your pouch – including the three items mentioned here.

Given these three items, what other two items will you choose to put in your wedding pouch?

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  • Sam

    I absolutely agree with this. It’s like what you should carry for night outs. You can’t just leave your lipstick or phone. That’s why bringing a small fancy purse is a must have both for weddings and for clubbing 🙂