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Karel Marquez and Sean Fariñas Teach Us 5 Real Love Lessons

No roses, no overlong kisses. In a world where love is often projected by media as an effortless journey, people can’t help but stop and applaud Karel Marquez and Sean Fariñas as they let their story unfold minus the edits and filters.

Narrated in our beautiful native Filipino, Karel Marquez and Sean Fariñas’ spoken word prenup video  inspires with every rush and stop—so much that the video has been viewed 680k times in just one week!  But before you get swept away for the nth time, we want to point out to you 5 real love lessons we could all learn from the couple’s story.  Take note because it could come in handy when The One comes along!


5 Real Love Lessons From Karel Marquez and Sean Farinas’ Prenup

1. When in doubt, believe

“Kaya ko pa ba? Isusugal ko ba?”

“…matagpuan ang akalang hindi na mahahanap dahil matagal na pala itong nakasulat sa ulap”

“…hindi lahat ng nadadapa ay nanatili sa ibaba; kumapit ka lang at maniwala.”

It’s totally fine to let yourself feel the pain and question the validity of love after a really bad relationship—or in the absence of any relationship whatsoever.  When the going is easy, everyone is happy. But when relationships fail, that is when true love proves itself.  Those who can move beyond the pain and dare to try again are a step closer to their destiny. Karel Marquez and Sean Farinas

2. Find someone you can talk with

 “…magtatanong ng mga bagay mula sa pinakamalalim hanggang sa walang kwenta.”

Love is not simply about attraction, but also friendship.  With the right person, any conversation can turn into an exchange between souls.

3. Carpe diem

“Pero iba ka. Hindi ko mapigilang lumapit pa na para bang ang sapat lang ay kulang na.”

When The One arrives, you’ll be reminded why ‘just okay’ was never good enough.  And we hope that this realization will push you to put down all your defenses and forget the what ifs.  Take that leap of faith instead!


Turning her fierce face on

4. There’s always a reason to keep going on

“Alalahanin na hindi ka mauubusan ng rason para tumayong muli at mahanap ang mga nawalang ngiti”

Once the crying fest and the hurting are over, hold your head up high and wear your heart on your sleeve again.  You are loved and special and were brought into this world for a reason—heartbreak doesn’t change that.  Who knows?  You might even be rewarded when you give love another try.


When an end is just the beginning

5. Ends give way to beginnings

“Magsimula tayo sa wakas. Sa wakas, magsisimula na tayo.”

When people see and hear “The End” they usually perceive it as tragic. But Karel Marquez showed the world that endings could be the most beautiful beginnings. They are new stories that are waiting to be told. All we have to do is let these stories happen. All we need to do is to hope and continue trying. (Bene Perey) 

Supplier Spotlight: Video: Treehouse Story | Makeup: Mariah Camaya Santos | Styling by Tipping Point Collective | Gown by Von Lazaro | Coordinator: Chinkie Uy
These are our favorite real love lessons inspired by Karel Marquez and Sean Farinas’ engagement video.  What’s yours? Share your insights in the comments section below!


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