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A Two-Day Affair Ilocos Prenup: Nic & Blanche

Ilocos Prenup, Derrick Lim Photography

From Vigan to all over the region, Nic & Blanche definitely made the most of their Ilocos prenup.

Usually, prenup sessions would be a day long confined to one location. But it seems that Nic & Blanche were captivated by this interestingly beautiful northern region that they just had to make it a two-day affair going around its different locations.

“Blanche and I have always wanted to go to Vigan actually. We always felt that it had an otherworldly charm to it like it was frozen in time or something. The rest of the places were more (of something that happened) by extension, turns out there are a lot of nice places in the region, and in the end it all worked out.”


For their engagement session, Nic & Blanche only had their photographer, Derrick Lim & his team with them. Blanche did her own hair & makeup and they chose their own outfits. It’s amazing for this couple to do their styling on their own, especially with 8 sets of outfits in 8 different locations. If you’re up to the challenge, you might want to try doing your prenup this way.

“To be honest we really enjoyed doing it that way, it was quite the adventure, I urge everyone to try it.”

Though the couple admits that it was very tiring for them although they found the planning part fun. Planning one’s prenup until the shoot I self could definitely serve as an additional bonding experience for you as a couple.


For a shoot with a range of layouts & locations such as this, expect that it can be physically exhausting. You may encounter different challenges, like walking in heels, changes in weather or maybe a fever in the midst of it as Nic had on their second night. But it will all be worth it. In a session such as this, you get great photos, an adventure, and interesting discoveries as well.

“As a whole, though, it was rewarding, getting to try local food, and of course the pictures turned out great, it was definitely an experience we would never forget. On a side note, though, I think the food was great in Ilocos, it was definitely a large part of the experience.”


While Nic feels that they could have prepared for their session a little better, they’re happy it all worked out in the end. Won’t you be happy too with the turnout of such lovely, timeless, romantic photos to look back on? Surely, looking through these photos again in the future will bring back lots of fond memories from this shoot.


So, for other couples thinking of having a similar set up for their prenup, here’s their advice based on their experience:

  1. Trust yourself, the locations you choose and to trust your photographer.

  2. Don’t over complicate the whole experience. At the end of the day you’re there to make memories and capture them, so just go out there and have fun.

  3. Make sure you take some time to get to know your photographer and his team.

  4. Try your best to stay in good health, get a lot of rest leading up to the shoot and make sure to take your vitamins.

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Supplier Spotlight: Photographer: Derrick Ian Lim Photography
If you were to go around a region in the country for your prenup session, where would you choose to go? Have you been on a region-wide engagement session already? We’d love to see & hear about it. 

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  • Really nice. I had been checking out your posts and I thought this one stood out in the sense that there was a healthy mix of shots. There are shots na pictorial talaga, if you ask me, I’d say parang pang magazine. And then there were shots that were so casual that I thought it captures the sentiment of the subjects toward each other, such as shots of them holding hands walking.

  • Mommy QueenElizabeth

    What a dreamy location for a shoot! I personally love the one in the windmills. When we visited Ilocos last year i dreamed of having my very own photoshoot there. Me and my husband! Hahaha… coz we never had a prenup shoot when we got married.. i hope we can turn back time or do a postnup photoshoot? 🙂

  • Carola K

    It’s so awesome that they took two days to do this! I love it. 8 sets of outfits in 8 different locations i impressive and I think it’s great. Happy to read their advice as well, that is always very handy. I really think the pictures turned out great. I love the long red/orange dress! The scenery on these pictures are great as well.

  • Cyka niki

    Wow, super ganda, love the place where the woman wears red long dress and ang ganda ng location, one of my fave din is the scene where the woman wear floral dress