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Karel Marquez and Sean’s Engagement: Bring On the Heat!

Anybody who’s been to Ilocos is sure to say one thing about it: It’s HOT!  We’re talking atomic, Sriracha level heat.  But after seeing Karel Marquez and Sean’s engagement photos, it’s clear to us what kind of people it takes to keep their cool amid the rising mercury in this stunning location.

We thought the couple had already outdone themselves with that one-of-a-kind prenuptial video.  We loved their metropolitan photo session in Hong Kong.  But Karel Marquez and Sean’s engagement photos with Benjie Tiongco, shot in Ilocos and Makati, prove that it really is more fun in the Philippines.

First off, the couple  went up north to Sean’s hometown of Ilocos, where some of the highest temperatures in the country have been recorded.  Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you could have a great location and air-conditioning at the same time?  But as we all know, living in a tropical country has its downsides.  How do you keep your cool in Ilocos—a.k.a. the Philippines’ most beautiful sauna? 

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If we’re to learn anything from Karel Marquez and Sean’s engagement photos, it’s this: just go with it!  Don’t attempt to pile on the hairspray or sculpt a kabuki face when the sun is blazing and it’s thirty-seven degrees Celsius out!  Instead, answer the call of the earth for you to revel in it.  Let the sun kiss your face.  Feel the dewy grass underneath your soles as you go frolicking across the hills. Kick up the sand with your heels, then chase the wind on the back of a very cool motorbike.

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Reliving their Serendipity moment

We also commend the couple for immortalizing their first meeting in both their video and e-session.  Of course, not all of us will meet the love of our lives in such a hip and picture-perfect location as Dillingers 1903.  The swanky steak-and-brew in Greenbelt gave Karel Marquez and Sean’s engagement session such a cool, sexy, and masculine vibe.  It was a refreshing change from the saccharine photos that are usually more popular among engaged couples!  Their stylist did a great job of balancing the “bachelor pad” feel by having the bride-to-be wear a glamorous purple gown.  This isn’t her usual outfit for a night at the bar, we assume.  But there was more to it than just the interiors and the styling.  It seemed like what really upped the romantic ante for the couple was reliving that moment when Serendipity touched their lives and changed it forever.

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Whether they were having drinks in a bar or bashing sand dunes, the best part about Karel Marquez and Sean’s engagement session was that it was all them.  No drama.  But just two people madly in love.

Photos by Benjie Tiongco

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