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Videographers to Watch: 2016 Wedding Film Roundup

Videographers to watch

When it comes to wedding videographers to watch, there are so many talents out there! Allow us the privilege of introducing you to seven awesome teams. You’re welcome.

Since January is the season for resolutions, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to add one more to your already long list.  We can be bossy like that sometimes.  But we promise this will be just as worthwhile as all your new get-fit plans, if not easier to stick to!  Here it is: We dare you to take note of these videographers to watch and subscribe to their Youtube and Vimeo channels.

Of course, we’re all familiar with the legends in the field (in alphabetical order, lest they accuse us of favoritism): Jason Magbanua, Mayad, Bob Nicolas, and Threelogy.  But even future celebrity bride, Ehra Madrigal, believes that all of the suppliers are talented!  It’s really just a matter of personal taste on the part of the bride and groom.  So, to help widen your choices, we had a chat with some fresh talents in the videography scene who might not be getting as much exposure as the greats.  Read on for our no-longer-secret list of videographers to watch out for this year!

Established Wedding Videographers to Watch

1. Treehouse Story

After that viral, not to mention one-of-a-kind, spoken word prenup film they did with Karel and Sean Farinas (read our relationship insights culled from that video), it’s impossible not to pay attention to Treehouse Story.  That’s why they’re on the top of our minds when it comes to wedding videographers to watch.  Patrick from Treehouse Story shares with us one of their favorite works from 2016.

“It doesn’t matter how grand the wedding is or how good looking the couple is. We always want to focus on the story, the rawness of every word uttered in their vows, the sincerity of their body language. We want to show real life instead of reel life.”

Year Started: 2010
Favorite tool: Sony A7sII and Sony FS700

2. Jake Olaso Wedding Films

Jake is a hopeless romantic—as we expect our wedding videographers to be!  His favorite work from last year was quite a challenging one to shoot because the couple had to decide on the day itself to move their supposedly garden wedding indoors due to the weather forecast.  With Philippine weather and traffic becoming increasingly unpredictable, Jake’s ability to adapt to the couple’s and the situations needs so gamely is one of the reasons why we believe he’s one of the videographers to watch out for this year.

“They chose to let it go and not affect their mood. Aside from that, they have a rare love story: the couple are each others’ first and last. It’s very real, however idealistic. With that as an anchor, I wove the story to be a reflection of decisions, how they chose each other.”

Year Started: 2010
Favorite tool: A7s/50mm 1.2 combo. It is so versatile. I shot many full prenup videos with just this combo and my hand. I love doing handheld shots as it creates more natural movement and I can easily change angles at any time.

3. Ian Celis Productions

We love it when artists come from different backgrounds because it adds new dimension to their work, and the same can be said for the team of Ian Celis, all of whom are sports enthusiasts.   We still dream that Coach Rio would propose to us too, if only to have ICP document it, and Up Dharma Down serenade only us in a UP Ikot jeep.

“From all the SDEs we made in 2016, I’d say this would be my favorite because it’s simple yet elegant and cinematic. No vows, no soundbites; it’s like a flashback to the first SDEs made in the early 2000’s.”

Year started: 2010
Favorite tools: Monopod, Canon 5DM3, and Samyang 50mm

4. Derek Yee Video

What can we say about Derek Yee other than that his style—both personal and cinematic—can rival that of THE Jason Magbanua himself?  Do we have to say more to convince you that’s he’s one of the established videographers to watch out for this year and in those to come?

“Balesin is so beautiful that you can use a lot of breathtaking shots in the video. This is also memorable because my couple are both Chinese and speak little English. They delivered their vows in Chinese which I couldn’t understand. I always put my whole heart into editing, but this time it was more intense, because I had to know where to start and end parts of their vows.”

Year started: 2010
Favorite tools: For the creative shots, it’s always a combination of three of my favorites: SonyFS700 for the Super Slowmo shots, Phantom 4 for the Aerial Shots, and MoviM5 for the sweeping shots.

Up-and-Coming Wedding Videographers to Watch

1. The Spark Series

The Sparks Series might be relatively new to the scene, but make no mistake—they are here to stay.  Definitely one of the up-and-coming videographers to watch.  Dux has a penchant for blending movement with sound, something he’s done on the dance floor countless times before.  But he’s just as good behind the lens as he is on his toes (maybe even better)!

“Their wedding stood out because everything was very natural. The whole vibe was genuinely fun mixed with the right amount of drama… In her vows, the bride mentioned that she loved Jose, the groom, because he was a lot like her dad. The dad’s reaction was super priceless.”

Year started: 2015
Favorite Tool: Sony a7s II and Mitakon 50mm

2. Woodstock Cinema

When we asked Samric of Woodstock Cinema to name his favorite SDE from 2016, he frankly admitted that he couldn’t possibly single out one out of the hundreds of couples they’ve been privileged to have worked with in their first year.  This everybody-is-a-VIP approach definitely makes them one of the videographers to watch!  But we still prodded him to share some videos that highly represent their style, and the SDE above happens to be one of them.

“Every couple has a distinct personality. In every video, we want to show who they really are—in the most candid way possible. Our videos are full of emotions, and are undirected and fun!”

Year started: 2016
Favorite tool: Our awesome Sony cameras!

3. Forevermine Wedding Films

Rounding out our list of up-and-coming videographers to watch is Forevermine.  What’s unique about them is the fact that it’s actually run by real life couple Michelle and Herwin, so you know they know what they’re doing and what they’re capturing.  We just love this balance, this yin & yang, because it shows in every one of their elegant works.

“I will never forget this wedding.  It was the first time that the couple hugged me like five times after the wedding.  It was super simple yet full of beautiful moments.  There weren’t any extremely awe-inspiring shots since our style is really simple but classy SDEs.  But I was really proud that we were able to pull this morning wedding off.”

Year Started: 2016
Favorite Tool: Sonya7sII, but my secret weapon is prayer. It’s so powerful and never fails to give me a new idea during shoots so that I feel super creative and just happy overall.

There you have it! There are dozens more great videographers out there and we hope to eventually feature more to help make your decision-making a little bit easier.  Or was that harder, now that you’ve seen how many wonderful choices you have? Our bad. Peace out!

Did we miss anyone out? Let us know in the comments section who else you think should be on our list of videographers to watch, and why!

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  • Earla Janice Aquino – Garcia

    I strongly believe you missed one of the most promising videographers to look out for. Search for the team Wishing Well, particularly watch this SDE: https://player

    What’s unique about them is that they really collaborate with their clients — making every film distinct from the rest. In this case, a poem made by the bride to the groom (on their first monthsary) was highlighted and was even made into a song which was only released on the wedding day! All emotions were captured and perfectly encapsulated into a same day film.

    To conclude, Wishing Well team makes films that are unique in its own, bringing out the real character of the couple, the theme of the wedding, the genuinity of every emotion. Not a perfect person to talk about technicalities, but check out the double exposures, panning, and smooth transitions.

    * Not being biased, or just because I have to love my own, but for me, Wishing Well should be on top of this list. 🙂 Cheers!

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