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Modern Southern Romance: Artie & Karen’s Antipolo Beehouse Prenup

Antipolo Beehouse Prenup, Ruffa and Mike Photography

There’s something about its open creative space that makes an Antipolo Beehouse prenup perfect for capturing a ‘Modern Southern Romance’.

Modern, casual but ‘dreamy’ was what Artie & Karen wanted for their prenup session. Thanks to their stylist, Tipping Point Collective, for helping them set down their theme and suggesting this refreshing venue for their shoot.  On their theme, the couple wanted “a look and feel where they can be candid yet sophisticated”. After all, for regular folks, an opportunity to have an all-out thematic shoot is indeed a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Being as it is a memento of their relationship, Artie & Karen wanted to marry their interests & personalities and have this reflected in their photos. Karen works as a Digital Marketing Specialist while Artie is a project manager working in the field of architecture & engineering. Aside from the theme & styling, the venue proves to be a perfect setting for their theme.


“The venue, Antipolo Beehouse was actually one of the venues proposed by Tipping Point Collective as well. When we saw the pictures in their proposal, we instantly fell in love with so many charming details in that house. We thought it would be the perfect venue for our chosen theme. The place is a mix of rustic, industrial and southern charm evident in their minimalist fixtures, brick walls, woods, and greens.  Most of all, we loved that the place is not yet too known to many. Konti pa lang nag shoot in the place”

We love the four sets of outfits the couple had. There’s something timeless about the overall effect of the photos as well.


Now, for couples that aren’t necessarily used to going on photo shoots, the way their photographer assures & directs them during the session matters a lot, not only to get the perfect shots but to make the experience a fun & memorable one for the couple as well.

“During the first part, both Artie and I were very nervous and conscious, as there were 16 people, including us in the room. But Ruffa and Mike made sure we’re relaxed all throughout. Mike has this power to bring out the best in you through his encouraging words – he will always say, “awesome”, “perfect”, “nice”, “beautiful”, “gandaaaa”, among many. Hahaha. You will really be encouraged and feeling mo ang ganda ganda mo hahaha.”

On the other hand, his equally talented wife Ruffa, was always near and on standby to teach the poses, give instructions, remind the posture, etc. Indeed, they’re the perfect tandem!”.


Fun & memorable as it was for this couple, they now share tips they got along the way to help other couples have an amazing prenup experience as well:

  1. Make sure to look for credible suppliers

  2. Best if you have a stylist in your team  “Para punta ka na lang sa shoot”

  3. Trial makeup can be done during prenup to save cost.

  4. Have a photo team that can do both editorial and wedding.

  5. Schedule the shoot during weekdays to avoid traffic and start after lunch so you’ll have time to prepare in the morning.

  6. If possible, try to separate shoot of prenup photos and save the date.

  7. Try to have some beauty rest the night before — sleep early.

  8. Drink plenty of water to keep you and skin hydrated.

  9. Study poses and angles that you won’t look stiff or awkward.

  10. Don’t have a facial a week before the shoot – lest pimples come out on the day of the shoot!

  11. If possible, hire a driver so you’re not haggard.

  12. Don’t forget to feed your suppliers

I suppose, in line with the Christmas Season, these would be Artie & Karen’s 12 tips for Prenup Sessions. That won’t be too difficult to remember, won’t it?

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Supplier Spotlight: Photographer: Ruffa and Mike Photography | Stylist: Tipping Point Collective  | Video: Vidlens | HMUA: Ish Sison | Venue: Antipolo Beehouse

Which tip do you think would be most useful for you as you plan your own prenup? We’d love to hear from you, just comment below. 

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