Sean and Karel Marquez' Wedding: 3 Times Silence Spoke!
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Sean and Karel Marquez’ Wedding: 3 Times Silence Spoke!

Karel Marquez' wedding

There were lots of great moments in Sean and Karel Marquez’ wedding video by Treehouse Story.  But arguably the best parts were when they let their eyes and hearts do the talking.

The exchange of vows is usually one of the more anticipated moments in a wedding—we can’t wait to hear the couple profess their love for one another.  But sometimes, it’s the silences, the pauses, and the gaze that lingers which communicate from the deepest recesses of our hearts.  Ronan Keating, Alison Krauss, and Keith Whitley have known this all along: ‘you say it best when you say nothing at all’.  Though lovely in its own unique way, Sean and Karel Marquez’ wedding is no different.   

Our 3 Favorite Silences from Sean and Karel Marquez’ Wedding

Sean and Karel Marquez' wedding

Wondering what Sean’s thinking? Your guess is as good as ours! Screenshot from video by Treehouse Story.

1. An Imaginary Strangulation

At 01:29, Karel makes this confession:

“I love you and you know that, even though sometimes we feel like strangling each other.”

We see a twinkle in Sean’s eyes as he listens to this, the faintest twitch evident on his lips.  Only the groom knows for sure what he was thinking at this moment.  But why do we feel that he was imagining the last time he felt like strangling his beautiful bride?  It’s no secret that marriages take a lot of work.  Now that Sean and Karel Marquez’ wedding has come and gone, we hope that these violent fantasies will also become less and less frequent.

Sean and Karel Marquez' wedding

The bride, waiting to exhale.

2. Gracious Anticipation

At the 4:00 mark, we catch various images: of the jittery bride, waiting to make her entrance through the church’s double doors, of her two children bearing a sign for their future father, and of the groom, nervous and excited as can be.  Sean doesn’t know what to do with his hands and tries to steady them at his side.  When that fails, he clutches at his mother’s.  And without any utterances, you see clearly on his face the delirious almost disbelieving joy that—at last—love had found and chosen him.

“One of the most important things that I’ve learned is fighting for what you want the most. God and everyone here knows how much I’ve fought for you.”Click To Tweet

Karel Marquez' wedding

At long last!

3. The Last Hesitation

Karel, at 00:17, begins her vows thus: “I will love you unconditionally and without hesitation…”

But notice the long pause and how she keeps nodding—as if to properly say goodbye to all her doubts.  In her silence, we completely believe, acknowledging how difficult yet relieving it is to finally finally throw all caution to the wind and take a step into the glorious unknown.  Now that she has let go of all her doubts, she continues. 

“I will love you unconditionally and without hesitation… for it is your heart that moves me. Your every flaw, I embrace. It is your spirit that inspires me, your humour that delights me everyday, and your hand I want to hold for all of our days.”

Overall, there were a lot of fantastic images in Sean and Karel Marquez’ wedding video.  We all wondered how many takes it took to finally get that ring shot.  We gasped at the perfectly alternating images of Karel and Sean twirling at their wedding then in the grassy countryside against the orange sky (taken from their pre-wedding shoot).  But what we appreciated most of all was the truth and potency of love, captured quite succinctly in these silent intervals.  No words can adequately describe what love means.  But hopefully, in our lifetime and through our many varied relationships, we can come to understand what it is that love entails.

Watch the full video of Sean and Karel Marquez’ wedding by Treehouse Story above and Benjie Tiongco’s Slideshow below!  Then let us know in the comments section what your favourite moments were.  Plus points for anyone who can caption Sean’s thoughts in the photo at the top!

Karel Marquez and Sean Fariñas | Wedding Photos from Benjie Tiongco Photography on Vimeo.

Supplier Spotlight: Photo: Benjie Tiongco Photography | Video: Treehouse Story  | Coordinator: Chinkie Uy of Metro Eventscape Planners | Bridal Gown: Mak Tumang | Makeup: Mariah Santos Professional Makeup | Event Stylist: Flowers and Events by Teddy Manuel | Emcee: Atom Ungson | Band: Sound Salad | Wedding Website: LittleKnot

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