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Isabelle Daza’s Wedding Prompts 6 Major Life Questions

isabelle daza

They say that insecurity comes from comparing our behind-the-scene moments with everyone else’s highlight reel.  So consider yourselves warned: watching the video of Isabelle Daza tying the knot to Adrien Semblat will induce some serious what-have-I-been-doing-with-my-life moments! 

Here are some of the important questions that Isabelle and Adrien’s wedding got us asking.  Maybe someone can help us find the answers?

Major Life Questions Isabelle Daza Has Got Us Asking

isabelle daza

Our new dream wedding destination. Screenshots from video by Bob Nicolas.

1.  Why haven’t I heard of Lucignano before?

The first thirty seconds of the video highlight this beautiful municipality in Tuscany which is also known as the “pearl of Valdichiana”.  It’s shot in such a way that you can feel the serene atmosphere in the walled hill-top village—as if you were walking through its cobblestone streets and brushing your fingers on the sunlit brick walls yourself!  We have never wanted so much to hobble in our high heels on our weddings until today!  We are officially adding Lucignano to our growing list of dream destinations for weddings. Not that there aren’t any places in the country where you can get that Tuscan vibe.

isabelle daza

Here comes Prince Charming!

2. Adrien, where have you been all my life?

He’s the GM of Adidas in the Philippines.  He’s tall, dark-haired, and handsome.  He has some serious football-playing, ass-kicking skills (4:30).  Oh and, did we mention, he’s French?  In short, he’s perfect.  But also taken.  Why didn’t I use my Nancy Drew sleuthing abilities to find you before Isabelle did?  Now it’s her who gets to profess her love for you.

“Adrien, I love everything about you; everything I know about you and everything I don’t know.” 0:47 Click To Tweet

Belle is the lucky girl who is seen and loved—not just for her beauty—but more so for her soul.

“To my eyes, your heart is the most beautiful part of you. You have the power to spread the love around you. I feel it everyday in every little attention you consistently give to me.  And I want to feel it forever.” 2:45

It’s Belle who can get away with her tantrums (Thanks for the reveal at 5:30, Anne!).  And it’s Belle who gets to be at the receiving end of such a loving, melt-worthy smile (6:09). Sigh.

isabelle daza

Isabelle just glows under the radiant Tuscan sun.

3. Why, oh why, did I skip my moisturiser?

After watching several slow motion clips of Belle (our favourite at 2:50), her hair and the veil in her hands caressed by a gentle breeze, we are convinced that Bob Nicolas wants us to take away one important lesson from it all: take care of your skin!  The gorgeous bride lives up to her name and the camera pays homage to her distinctly Filipino beauty.  So for all the brides-to-be reading this, or if you just want to prepare for that hopefully-not-so-distant future, start on and commit to your skincare regimen now!  We might not all have a Miss Universe for our mother, but we can all be confidently beautiful with a heart.  (And your makeup artist will thank you too.)

isabelle daza

Left: Dolce & Gabbana. ‘Nuff said. Right: So much fun with table napkins!

4. Why didn’t I think of that?!

There were so many moments during the wedding when we just had to ask ourselves this. For example, at 3:10, when we saw a shot of the bride’s exquisite shoes!  The intensely colourful and bejewelled pair is the epitome of to-die-for—and so are her groom’s equally colourful suspenders.  Another was at 4:00 when we saw the guests having the time of their lives twirling—get this—table napkins.  Remind us again why we’ve been spending thousands on party poppers and all sorts of things when all we needed was a square bit of linen?  But our favourite was at 5:08, when Belle tells (presumably) her entourage to clean the chairs when they get to the church.  Why not get Solenn, Anne, Georgina, and the rest of the It girls to do janitor duty, right?  That’s just plain common sense.  After all, only the bride can act the diva.

isabelle daza

Aren’t you just dying to know what words are being exchanged at this moment?!

5. What the heck did she say?!

It’s been years since we watched Bill Murray whisper to Scarlett Johansson at the end of Sofia Coppola’s Lost in Translation, but we’re still losing sleep and our hearing replaying the scene to find out what it was he told her.  This time, after what must be the sweetest and most sincere kiss in the history of all weddings, Isabelle does the same to Adrien.  And we can’t help but wonder: What did she say to him???  Will this forever be one of history’s great unexplained mysteries?

isabelle daza

These pretty girls aren’t afraid to let their feelings show.

6.  Why do we have to say goodbye?

Hands down, the most heartbreaking scene in this film was when Isabelle poured her heart out to Adrien at the altar.  At 1:00, you can catch practically every woman in the church dabbing their eyes, trying but failing to stem the flow of their tears.

“These past few months were very hard for me. I felt like the weight of the world was on my shoulders.  And everybody kept saying ‘have faith’ but it was so difficult when I lost my dad.  But I knew that God still loved me because He gave me you.”

This question is right up there on our most-often-asked, along with “Why do bad things happen to good people?”  And while we might spend our whole lives searching for the answer, the priest celebrant at Isabelle and Adrien’s wedding holds a little nugget of comfort for us and all our #hugots.

“…If you had difficulty [in the preparations], God tells you do not worry.  With me holding your hands, everything is going to be alright.”

We’ll end the list at that, lest our eyes get too puffy and prevent us from replaying the video for the sixteenth time.  Thank you, Bob Nicolas, for the brief existential crisis we got the moment we pressed the play button.  After you watch the complete video, remember to tell yourselves that God also loves you, even though Adrien only loves Isabelle. #CantWinItAll #ButEachLifeIsPrecious

Did you get what-have-I-been-doing-with-my-life feels while watching the video too? Share with us your thoughts in the comments section below!

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  • Mommy QueenElizabeth

    I love Belle! I’ve been stalking their wedding at Tuscany on instagram feeds and it was perfect! Its one of the most heart touching and glamorous wedding ive ever seen. I agree with no.3! The moisturizer thingy… Its not just during especial occassions or if there is something coming up that one should take care of their skin. It must be a lifestyle religiously lived everyday! Belle has such a stunning beauty,natural and really well taken care of.. Such a lovely bride…

  • Martine Cosio De Luna

    I love Bob Nicolas’ work. I couldn’t afford a wedding video for my own wedding, but since my 10th anniversary is coming up soon, I hope to finally have him do a video for me! About this post: Wow, that wedding location is perfect. Sigh! It’s my dream to one day have a wedding or occasion in Tuscany, but I visited it I was married already. I loved Isabelle’s wedding, every detail of it, and the film just takes the cake!

  • Belle is one lucky/blessed woman. Adrien is like a prince. He’s my favorite IT boyfriend. And I’m so glad they got married already.

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