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How The Entourage Should Behave On The Big Day

As photographers, we try our best to capture and produce the best possible images for our clients.  Though a lot of the rituals and routines may be the same, each wedding will always possess its own distinct flavour.


Photo by Ian Santillan Photography

Each one presents a unique kind of experience for us photographers, many times a new and different kind of challenge.  As part of it, meeting new and interesting “personalities” is something we look forward to every single wedding.

Brides and grooms, here are a few reminders you can give to your entourage to ensure a fun and stress-free shoot:

1. “Are you weather proof?”

It would be nice if you’re not allergic to extreme weather conditions i.e. you don’t transform to a madman or go all crazy when placed under the sun.

2. “I’m no diva”

Remember, you’re not the star.  You’re in a supporting role,  so do just that.  Support the bride and groom.  Giving off an “attitude” before, during and after the shoot is definitely not appreciated. Don’t be a source of negative vibe.


Photo by Ian Santillan Photography

3. “Be the actor/cast”

Photographers are supposedly the directors of the shoot.  So as part of the cast, do cooperate.  Avoid giving your own directions and opinions.  “You’re shooting against the light”, “The pose needs to be this and that”.  We know you’re just trying to help out, but believe me, not only is it annoying, its insulting as well.

4.  “No ‘arthritic’ excuses”

Some shots may require you to  kneel, squat, bend, contort and maybe even climb.  But there’s always a reason for this.  Have you heard of the term “tiis-ganda”? One of the other ways to support the  bride & groom on their big day is to go along with what can make their mementos picture perfect.


Photo by Ian Santillan Photography

5.  1:00pm is not 1:30

When shooting a wedding, one of the challenges that we encounter is the time given to us to shoot everything.  When we’re scheduled to do the entourage shot at a certain time and 1 or 2 are missing, it becomes a cause of delay. Not.Fun.At.All.

6. “The camera loves you”

Smile. It’s a wedding after all. Enjoy!


Photo by Ian Santillan Photography

What do you think of the list? Do you have others to add? We want to know your thoughts. Just comment below. 

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  • Yogo Cream

    Last May, I was part of the entourage of a family friend’s wedding. I agree with the list you’ve come up with. It’s the special day of the bride and groom so we have to cooperate not just with the photographer’s instructions, but also with all the program’s details. We have to lighten the burden of the couple because underneath it all they’re actually freaking out if everything is going as planned. Anyway, if ever I get married in the future, I’ll surely make my entourage read this as a requirement :)) -Me-An Clemente of

  • Jessica

    I am amazed how wedding photographs have been so innovative and creative. Perfect advices and tips to be the best supporters of the couple of the event. Keep it as fun and stress-free as possible. It’s the day to celebrate after all. I love the shot in the strairs by the way.

  • Maria Louisa Mae P. Mercado

    This is a nice reminder. Sometimes we can get caught up in the moment but it should always be about the bride and groom.

  • GREAT photography work, my friend! For me there is only one rule. BAWAL ANG MAARTE! Kung angas ang photographer, or di marunong, sige pumiyok. Pero kung pro like you, MAKINIG! And look at those photos – resulta ng tamang price at makinig lang. 🙂

  • Jean Dalida

    Love it. You’re such a pro.I also love the dresses of the bride maids. so classy! 🙂

  • AngeliePangilinan

    This post is a great reminder especially #2 because sometimes some people just forget that the world does not revolve around them. Anyway, I love the shots, they look beautiful <3

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