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Zambales Surprise Proposal: Bob & Zab Proposal Story

Surprise Proposal, Paper Project Photography

Bob’s surprise proposal to Zab was both a surprise for her and everyone else they were with that day.

Men normally do marriage proposals as a surprise to their lady-love. It’s just a matter of how they execute the surprise that varies from one couple to another.

Bob & Zab are the boyfriend-girlfriend duo behind Bob & Zab Wedding & Lifestyle Photography — well, now they’re a fiancée-fiance duo. So one would wonder how a photographer who has probably shot so many couple prenups, weddings or even proposals mount his own proposal.

The Planning Stage.

For Bob, it was something he kept to himself for quite a while. But things didn’t pan out as initially planned.

“I started saving up for her last January. Every time that I have a shoot, half of it goes to my bunny bank. I promised myself that I would propose to her this year. On the first week of August, I bought the ring and I was planning to propose to her on her birthday. But then, I didn’t realize that Zab also planned something for my birthday — a surprise party! My birthday is August 12 and Zab’s is August 13, so I decide to move my proposal some other time”

Zambales Proposal, Paper Project Photography

Their Story.

The couple has been together since November 2011. Their story is something of a story about fate. The first day they laid eyes on each other they were in different relationship states. Zab was about to get closure and is setting to move on from her ex-boyfriend, while Bob was currently in a relationship. But as fate would have it, something was somehow planted in their hearts that fateful day. It was something that unraveled months after they met.

When Bob and her ex-girlfriend broke up, Bob & Zab found themselves spending more time hanging out together with friends.

“We usually go at the footbridge to do Long Exposures, go swimming, eat dinner, watch movies, blog together or do some photography tutorials. I was starting to like her more & more. Until one day, I fell in love with her. Everything went so fast. I know she’s the one”- Bob

“He usually teaches me about photography and other stuff. I never realized that he was courting me until Dave told me about it. He’s that torpe. Then on November 15, 2011, we became an official couple. I never thought that I’ve already met my future husband on the day when my ex and I had our closure. Surely God knows how to write a love story.”

Zambales Proposal, Paper Project Photography

The Proposal Unravels

As for the proposal, Bob was finally able to pop the question during a two-day vacation with their Camzar & Zoombox family. It was something Bob carried out all on his own.

The Eve of the Proposal

“When I stepped foot on the island, I felt anxious already. No one knows about my plan, not even Blizzard or Jeck. Just don’t know how to tell them. All I know that time was that I was seriously nervous.”

 It wasn’t without any hitches, though, and the tension for Bob couldn’t get any more nerve-wracking.

“That night, the team had a drinking and interview session. When it was my time to answer, Justine asked me this ‘When do you plan to get married?’ and everyone was staring at me. I answered ‘Soon! Malay nyo, baka next year!’. And everyone started laughing and bullying me. When I looked at Zab, she was just smiling. That whole night I still didn’t know how to pop the question. I was drunk & passed out eventually.”

Zambales Proposal, Paper Project Photography

The Day of the Proposal

The next day, it was raining when they woke up. Bob was losing hope and thought that he might have to postpone his proposal yet again. Fortunately, it wasn’t soon after that the sun came out. He felt excited & nervous once again.

As everyone was preparing to go home Camille of Camzar asked Jeck to take their family photo under the tree. Bob took this as an opportunity and asked Jeck to have their picture taken after as well. Although they needed to hurry because the boat was already waiting for them, Bob dragged Zab to the far end of the island for their ‘photo op’.

“When Jeck asked us to strike a pose, I looked at her and on the second time Jeck asked us to change or pose, I kneeled in front of her. Zab thought I was playing jokes on her again. At first, she didn’t see that I was holding a ring because she wasn’t wearing her glasses. Then when she saw the ring, she said ‘Hun, di nga? Hun?’ then she looks at Jeck and looks back at me. She gave me a nod which means ‘Yes!’.  Then I hugged her. She cried and I cried too”.

One can imagine the weight that was pulled off of Bob’s chest once he was able to pop the question. But what was Zab thinking the whole time?

“I was irritated with him actually. Everyone was in a hurry to ride the boat and go home because everyone is sleepy because of last night’s drinking session. Then he wants to have our photo taken at the end of the island. It’s very far, I told him we can have our photo taken on the same spot where ate Camille & Kuya Blizzard had their family photo. But he was still insisting on having our photo taken at the very far end of the island. He was running and dragging me at the same time. He kept on telling me “Gusto ko dun para maganda yung view.’ . I never realized that he was planning to propose. 

Bob’s proposal was definitely a success. Just looking at their photos, you’ll see only love between the two of them and the happiness among the friends who were with them that day. It didn’t seem like anyone was worried about the boat waiting for them. Hey, the boat can wait, relishing this momentous occasion couldn’t.

Zambales Proposal, Paper Project Photography

Bob’s Tips

For men out there thinking of popping the question to their lady-love, here’s what Bob has to say:

1)    Ask for her parents’ blessing. I know this is an old-fashioned tradition, but let her parents know that you are well-intentioned and sincere.

2)    Pick a perfect spot for your proposal.

3)    Make sure you catch it on camera. Her reaction will be priceless.

4)    Include your closest friends on the day of the proposal – even if none of them had any idea as well

5)   Getting nervous is normal.

Zambales Proposal, Paper Project Photography

Bob & Zab are fortunate to have friends who are wedding & lifestyle photographers who could easily snap this special moment despite their own shock with the surprise proposal.

He sends out special thanks to them.

“Thank you Jeck, if it wasn’t for you no one will capture that moment for us. Thank you also to our closest friends Camille, Blizzard, Arbee, JB, Justine and to the whole Camzar & Zoombox Family. You made our day extra special.”

Indeed, fate will show you the way, give you a little nudge, but it’s up to you to take the chance and make that final push!

Supplier Spotlight: Photo: Paper Project Photography

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  • Talaga naman ano. Basta love ang isang tao, talagang maging nervous. Wala naman yatang taong nag propose na hindi kumakalabog ang puso eh. Ewan… siguro kung spontaneous na basta nangyari na lang, pwedeng hindi kinakabahan. Pero kapag ganyang me plans na, iba na ang usapan. Congratulations to the two couples and may they be blessed with happiness for all time to come. #AmazingLifeDaily

  • Abie Dizon

    This story is so kilig! Simple but heart touching. I’d probably faint during a wedding proposal, lol. I agree with Bob’s tips. It is best to ask the girlfriend’s parents first for their daughter’s hand in marriage, it’s an old tradition like a rite of passage.

  • Mommy QueenElizabeth

    This is cute! I will share this to husband. Back then he wasn’t aware of all the proposal thing.. I wish i have experienced a documented and well-thought of proposal.. Nakakakilig!

  • Jessica

    It was a long preparation. Timing and the people around them make it happen. The location was plain and that simply defines the purity of the proposal. Lucky them to be surrounded by great friends.

  • Carola

    Wow this is a beautiful story. First of all: I really like how you wrote this. The combination of the story worth the quotes: perfect! It’s a great read. And the couple has a wonderful story. And a beautiful proposal.

  • Berlin Domingo

    Love the story. Bob and Zab’s lovestory. It is as if they are meant to be that even the timing is just perfect. Kilig din the proposal and funny though with the no eyeglasses trivia.

  • Shaira Mariel Habon

    Lovely tips and a lovely post! Zab’s reaction was the best! I’m so happy for this couple! Congratulations guys and hoping for more blessings for the both of you! 🙂

  • Mary G Sanchez-Suycano

    Awww, so sweet! I didnt experience proposals because our story was from a baby dress to wedding dress story, but I am happy! Anyway, it’s just lovely to capture such moments, noh? *Nakakakilig* haha 😀

  • Dunja

    Such a cute story 🙂 You can see the love on the pictures. It’s normal to be nervous, but the most important thing is that it turned out great!

  • Teresa Dumadag

    Most proposal stories are really romantic. Nakakakilig. 🙂 Plus pogi points for guys who really take time to plan and make their proposal special. Not all guys do that kind of extra mile.

  • Milton Coyne

    Pictures really tell thousand words and what you have shared here Sir Dom is just a perfect proof.. you can clearly feel the emotion from their pictures and even though I don’t know them personally i feel so happy for them. These photos do not just capture the images but also saved memories..these will be remembered by them for a long time!.. hayst ako kaya kailan haha