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Rom-Com Pre-Wedding Film: Mah & Wiggy


If you want something memorable, you got to go with something really different. Well, that’s what Mah & Wiggy definitely went for in making their Rom-Com prenup video, which was set in Cebu.

Both doctors, Mah & Wiggy wanted something ‘not quite the norm’ for their prenup video. To them, going with the usual tends to be boring. Opting for a video instead of the usual photos is something different in itself. But what warms the heart about why they ended up with this storyline is the deeper meaning of what they wanted their video to convey.

“We also wanted to show that love is for everyone, rich and poor alike; no matter the circumstance, if you are for each other, then you are meant to be” Click To Tweet

What’s amazing, too, is how it only took them a day to finalize their concept for this session, including the shoot! One can imagine how much fun they must have had and how aligned the couple was with their team, Cebu Orange Films. They were easily able to follow the concept making impromptu speeches as the camera started rolling.

“There was never a script. It was all us”


This experience coming from a couple that admits to having no exposure to acting whatsoever.  I suppose it would really come naturally if you already click as a couple. But of course, they attribute much to their suppliers who helped them come up with a unique prenup video.

“Acting was awkward, to say the least, especially for doctors like us who have never been exposed to it. But the crew made it easy and fun. Ms. Espera’s ideas were brilliant and Mr. Kong was very creative and flexible. There was never a dull moment. When ideas came pouring in, well, to say that it was entertaining would be an understatement.”

For those thinking of something different for their prenup memento and would consider having their own pre-wedding film, here are Mah & Wiggy’s 3 main tips:

1)     Don’t be afraid to take risks.

Risks are fun. Especially if you go outside of your comfort zone. You will discover there is more to you and your partner than you know.

2)     Choose your crew well.

Make sure they are those creative professionals who remain humble despite their success. These are people who are open and flexible to your ideas and suggestions.


How was it for them working with their suppliers?

They are the most innovative and ingenious. I found those qualities in Stephen Kong of Cebu Orange Films and Diane Espera of Celebrations Cebu.

Just take it from Mah & Wiggy, view their one of a kind prenup video and see what they mean when they say:

“Take that leap and have the time of your life.”

Supplier Spotlight: Videography: Cebu Orange Films (Stephen Kong) | Event Planning  :  Celebrations Cebu (Diane Espera)

If it were up to you, what would your Rom-Com Pre-wedding film be about?

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  • Carola

    The video really looks so professional. I really love that they wanted something different. That’s great. I saw the ideo. I don’t understand what they’re saying. But the video looks great. It’s unbelievable they did it in one day. Original and well acted.