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Anne and Erwan’s Wedding Preview: 3 Predictions for Their Marriage

Watching Anne and Erwan’s wedding preview gave us a glimpse into their happy future. Wanna hear our predictions?

It’s been a week since Anne and Erwan tied the knot—but it’s still fresh in our minds. Probably because there are tons of trending photos and videos from the reception so we can’t stop refreshing our feeds! Luckily, we got a sweet but oh so short preview courtesy of Jason Magbanua to fuel our growing addiction. Watching Anne and Erwan’s wedding preview kind of gave us a glimpse into their happy future. While none of us actually own crystal balls, we just can’t help but share our predictions with you!

Will it be a happily ever after for these two lovebirds? Read on to find out what we think, and let us know if you see the same things happening too.

1. They will laugh ’til death do them part

Even though Anne and Erwan’s wedding preview was excruciatingly short, we’re pretty confident in making this prediction. Anne hopping up and down on her bed during preps, or the couple teasing each other during the ceremony conjures up images of them contentedly laughing on the most ordinary days. Props to Anne for that operatic “I do”! A note for those who don’t have Anne’s curves or full lips: the funny girl gets the guy after all!

2. It’s a draw!

They say that, sometimes in marriage, there’s one person who loves more than the other. So the other person maybe gets off the hook a bit easier when it comes to doing the chores, etc. But we can see in Anne and Erwan’s wedding preview that the couple are evenly matched—even their presider makes sure of that. So what do we expect from this partnership? Well we can’t say for sure, but we bet Erwan will do his fair share of the house chores. He’s a damn good chef, after all. Now that’s our kind of guy!

3. Feeling like I hit the jackpot

Here’s the thing. While we don’t know them personally, it seems like Anne and Erwan are both incredibly kind, funny, real people. With their own flaws for sure (not that we see any but they’re supposedly human right?). But what truly touched us when we saw Anne and Erwan’s wedding preview was this: the feeling that they’re both the luckiest people in the world. 

Not all of us will end up marrying a famous actress or a hunky celebrity chef. But we sincerely hope that each one of us can find (or already has) the kind of love you feel you don’t deserve—but can’t help but accept and feel grateful for anyway. 

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So there you go, just some of our happy predictions for this addictive couple, based on Anne and Erwan’s wedding preview. We can’t wait for the complete wedding highlights video! (But you can check out other It girls Solenn’s or Belle’s since we have no choice but to wait.) Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section what other happy predictions you have for them!

Supplier Spotlight: Videographer: Jason Magbanua | Photographer: Pat Dy | HMUA: Robbie Pinera & Raymond Santiago | Gown: Monique Lhuillier 

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