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5 Reasons Why We Want The AlDub Wedding To Be Real

Aldub Wedding, Jason Magbanua

It all began with a split-screen romance. Their love story slowly unraveled before our eyes as we all anticipate where it will all lead. Finally, most of the country felt the ‘kilig’ of our lives with the news of The AlDub Wedding!

Thanks to Jason Magbanua’s magic in storytelling as he did for the likes of Judy Ann and Ryan, Vic and Pauleen, he’s able to capture and share with us the crucial kilig moments of Alden & Maine’s special day.

It’s so surreal, we’ve listed down 5 reasons why we want this #AldubWedding to be so real!

1. No distance, no obstacle can take me away from you.

They’ve shown us how we can overcome barriers that we may encounter in our relationship –may it be distance or other people (like lolas) in our lives. They’ve shown that despite the obstacles, communication is key. So make sure you always have a scratch pad & marker handy. Take it from these two.

2. “Ligaw” lives!

In the Filipino traditional sense. They’ve shown how you don’t have to be all rebellious to get what you want in love. It’s okay to follow traditional courtship practices of visiting the girl’s house, asking permission from her parents (or lolas) to go on a date, etc. It’s okay to take things slow. It even makes things all the more ‘kilig’ don’t you think? Cheesy, but admittedly, ‘kilig’!!!!

3. Finding love in simple things

We’ve seen how the opportunity of just seeing each other and being together have brought much ‘kilig’ for both of them. A smile, a wave and an exchange of sweet messages are all it takes. The best part is how comfortable they are with each other with their wacky antics, poking fun at and laughing with each other. Besides, who wouldn’t feel ‘kilig’ just seeing the two of them together, with Alden’s to-die-for dimples and Maine’s killer smile.


4. Makes us believe in love at the right time #SaTamangPanahon

All in God’s perfect time. Who would have thought that Yaya Dub being caught smitten by Alden’s good looks would lead to them getting married to each other?  When you think about it, it all started with the perfect timing of that serendipitous moment being captured. And as their story progressed, they went through trials in their courtship until they officially became together, at the right time. Since then,  they’ve shared numerous milestones and happy moments together. And now, almost a year after, they find themselves again at the right time to take things to the next level.

5. Gives us hope for true love that lasts #MayForever

And now they seal their love with a union that commits them to be together forever. We can only hope and wish for a lasting and enduring union for such a couple who have made millions laugh and feel all giddy inside. These things about them and their relationship make us hopeful of what is possible for us.

And that kiss! It made us hold our breath. Because for a second there, it blurred the lines between what’s “reel” and reality.

What are other reasons why you’d want The AlDub Wedding to be real?

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  • macie47

    Thank you for this!
    AlDub may have a REEL wedding, but their feelings for each other are definitely REAL. 🙂