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Trim Your Wedding Budget! 5 Unique Ways How

Trim Your Wedding Budget

During the exclusive #TopKnottersChat last Wednesday, wedding planner extraordinaire Summer Reyes Carullo of VRC Creative gave our Twitter followers professional (and free!) crucial money-related advice.  If you missed it, let us clue you in on how to best trim your wedding budget!

If money grew on trees, we might do a Cristalle and hire a party boat to shuttle our guests across Lake Como too.  But because spending millions to get hitched remains a fantasy for us, we’ll have to work, work, work within a realistic budget to make our dream wedding come true.  It’s not as bad as you think—when you know where to start cutting.  Here’s our breakdown of all the crazy creative things you can do to trim your wedding budget, brought to you by the #TopKnottersChat (Stay tuned for more!).

Unique Ways to Trim Your Wedding Budget

Cristalle Belo Wedding

Save the party boat for the tenth wedding anniversary! Screenshot from video by Bob Nicolas.

1. Hire an Uber!

One major way to trim your wedding budget is by forgoing the bridal car rental and just hiring an Uber Black car (No, we weren’t paid to suggest this.  And yes, it’s possible!).  Just don’t wait until the bride is standing outside the hotel lobby to do it.  And if you’re particular about the color, phone the driver immediately to confirm it.  Lastly, don’t go overboard on the cheapskating—book that car even if the surge is 4x, and give a generous tip too! Chances are, you’re still saving at least 5k.


Aren’t they precioussss? Photo by Paper Project.

2. Forge the ‘one ring to rule them all’.

It might not give you dark superpowers but having your rings and other wedding jewellery remade from old ones seems like a pretty cool bit of magic to us!  Get your friends and family to donate their unwanted pieces and bring it to a reliable jeweler who’s up to such a creative challenge.  Another bonus from this is you have a piece of your loved ones with you, acting as talismanic encouragement for whenever the going gets tough.

Antipolo Beehouse Prenup, Ruffa and Mike Photography

Get crafty with the centrepieces! Photo by Ruffa and Mike Photography

3. Get sowing

If you or someone in your inner circle has a green thumb, why not plant some blooms ahead of time?  They can serve as your centerpieces and double as giveaways afterward.  All you need to do is invest in a bit of soil, seeds, little pots or burlap, and lots of TLC.  If you don’t want to go through the hassle of planting, you can still select centerpieces or place cards and such that can already double as wedding favors.

trim your wedding budget

To go traditional or not? That is the question. Photo by Love Train Studios.

4. All your favorite cakes

Wedding cakes can cost a fortune!  And the downside is you have to choose one flavor.  That’s like forcing your parents to choose their favorite kid!  Why not have your caterer design a beautiful satellite cake set up using cakes from the best pastry shops in town?  Not only is that a great way to trim your wedding budget, but it also lets you have all your favorite cakes—and eat them too.


Ready for brunch! Photo by Paper Project.

5. Start the day early

Not enough people do it but having a brunch reception goes a long way in helping you trim your wedding budget because caterers and venues usually charge lower for brunch or lunch.  And if you think about it, it’s much healthier to pig out while the sun is still up, right?  That way you still have time to burn off that lechon.  If your guests don’t thank you, their healthcare providers will.

These are just some feasible ways you can trim your wedding budget.  You really can get your dream wedding, even on a tight budget, with a can-do attitude and a little help from your friends and the pros.  We’re putting up more articles to help you start the budgeting process on the site, courtesy of the #TopKnottersChat, so watch out!  Meanwhile, arm yourself with knowledge so you can avoid dealing with these unexpected wedding expenses.

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Many thanks to Summer for being our gracious guest during the #TopKnottersChat.  VRC Creative does planning and coordinating for weddings as well as social and corporate events.  They are also the team behind the #BeforeIDoBridalFair at SM Megamall.  Read more about them here!

Follow us on Twitter @thetopknotters for updates regarding the next #TopKnottersChat, where you can consult the wedding experts for free!  And write a comment below if you have more advice for couples on how to trim their wedding budget!

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