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Wedding Fireworks: 4 Sparkly and Eco-Friendly Alternatives

Using wedding fireworks have direct impact on the environment and on our health!  Here are more eco-friendly ways to bring sparkle into your wedding.

We love firework displays for different reasons.  Some of us believe that having wedding fireworks will pave the way for a bountiful year ahead.  Others can’t help but wax romantic at the sight of rainbow-colored explosions against the dark of night.  But anybody who has ever plucked her eyebrows knows that beauty comes at a cost, and this cannot be truer than in the case of fireworks. 

Forget the firework-related accidents we usually associate with New Year’s Eve—those can be avoided with the help of professionals.  But the truth is, the smoke and ash from firecrackers contain toxic chemicals, including heavy metals and arsenic.  So if you’re wary of beginning your married life in such killer fashion, fret not!  We’ve lined up a few ways for you to get that “bang” and sparkle into your wedding, minus the (literal) wedding fireworks. 

4 Wedding Fireworks Alternatives

wedding fireworks alternative: laser lights

Treat your guests to a fantastic laser light show! Photo by Metrophoto.

1. Laser lights

A laser light show is the closest thing you can get to having wedding fireworks—with much less environmental repercussions.  The other great thing about it is that it’s a cinch to clean up (unless you plan on getting the confetti blaster to go with it)!  If you do decide to get this for your reception, we just have one request: make sure they play J. Lo’s “Waiting for Tonight”! If you admit you still know the lyrics by heart, then we will too!

wedding fireworks alternative: glitter

Subtle sparkle in the form of glitter and beads. Photo by Mayad Studios.

2. All That Glitters

Achieve the sparkle of wedding fireworks in small doses!  Add stones or sequins to the bridal gown or turn that into the motif for your bridesmaids or sponsors.  We guarantee that everyone will love the shimmering effect as each of your squad members walk down the aisle—it’s like a little firework show to welcome the bride! You might also want to consider using glitter confetti instead of the traditional flower petals during the exit of the couple from the wedding ceremony.  Use edible glitter on the wedding cake or glowing cotton candy displays to bring festive cheer inside the reception too. 

wedding fireworks alternative: candlelight

Nothing spells romance like a hundred floating candles! Photo by Faces Portrait.

3. Soft Glow

Releasing LED balloons or paper lanterns (make sure it’s the safe kind!) into the air is still a popular and more intimate alternative to wedding fireworks.  Similar budget-friendly options include hanging light bulbs or tea lights in glass globes or mason jars, perfect for an outdoor reception that spells romantic and laidback at the same time.  If you’re aiming for something more colorful, add glow sticks to the mix for that music festival feel.

wedding fireworks alternative: starlight

We’d choose stars and the Milky Way over fireworks any day! Photo by Oak St. Studios.

4. Starry, Starry Night

Nature lovers?  Choose an outdoor reception venue as far away from the bright city lights as possible.  This way, you and your guests can enjoy Mother Earth’s own brand of fireworks: starry nights and glowing fireflies.  The second best part?  It’s completely free.  If neither of these show up to your party, you can light a little bonfire and make some s’mores with your guests instead.  Trust us—it’s a perfect tradeoff.

We’re excited to try out some of these safer and more eco-friendly wedding fireworks alternatives!  Don’t forget to watch out for the sources of the best kind of sparkle at weddings: the eyes of the groom as he glimpses his bride for the first time, or the infectious smile of the bride right before that first kiss at the altar.  Let the sparks fly!  (written with Jeun Davila-Cordon)

Eco-friendly alternatives to wedding fireworks: Yay or Nay?

Vote above and tell us in the comments section why or why not! Don’t forget to share this with your soon-to-wed friends who have a thing for sparkle!

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