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This Sundang Island Prenup Gives Off An Ethereal Vibe

Sundang Island Prenup, Efjay De Leon

There’s something ethereal about this Sundang Island prenup. It’s like looking into a special dream world made for this couple.

Oman & Joy are both nature lovers but admits to being a camera shy couple. So this little known private island located in Cavinti, Laguna was the perfect venue for their prenup.

“Imagine having your shoot on your own little island surrounded by beautiful scenery & rustic vibe. Plus, the island is pet-friendly so we were able to bring along Pepsi, our Shih Tsu, who even joined our engagement shoot”.


Going through the photos it’s as if you can feel the gentle breeze as it rustles the blades of grass against the stillness of a tranquil lake.  It’s interesting, too, how that ubiquitous bench added so much character to the photos, yet still not taking away from this set’s main focus, Oman & Joy.


The couple and their team only allotted a day for this Sundang Island prenup shoot. Oman & Joy were nervous as to how the day will turn out since they had no idea how photo shoots are done. But they were eventually put at ease with the help of their suppliers.  For their shoot, they had with them their hair & makeup artist (Gerly Casinto of Glow by Gerly), stylist (Indie Hippie Style) and photographer (Efjay de Leon & team).  It was quite an experience for them being a shy pair who aren’t used to having someone take their pictures and make them ‘feel like models’.  They felt like having a fairy godmother in their HMUA and stylist who transformed them to make sure that they look their best in front of the cameras. Their photographer & his team’s cool, amiable & funny disposition also helped make them feel comfortable during the whole shoot.

“We felt that we were just having fun and just playing around the whole time”


So, for their tips for other soon-to-weds based on their experience, here’s what they have to say.

 1)    Plan & Research

Aways make sure to plan everything ahead of time.

Research the venue, the suppliers, the outfit you’ll be wearing and the looks you want to achieve.

2)    Communicate

Don’t hesitate to tell your suppliers what you want to attain.


3)   Be mindful of your budget.

If you’re working on a budget, make sure to estimate the total cost of your prenup shoot. There might be additional expenses especially for out of town venues. Especially if you’ll be going to a new place not many are familiar with, like where they went for this Sundang Island prenup.

Fortunately, the couple’s feedback on this venue is that it is quite affordable.

4)    Work on a theme that will show your personality as a couple.

This way you’ll be more comfortable posing in front of the cameras.

 5)   Enjoy & have fun!

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Supplier Spotlight: Photography: Efjay De Leon | HMUA: Glow by Gerly | Styling: Indie Hippie Style

What do you think of this ethereal Sundang Island prenup? What prenup theme would you want to have in such a place? 

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