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Thunderbird Prenup: A Mediterranean Escape

Thunderbird Prenup, Dreamcatchers Photocinema

One doesn’t have to look too far to find that Mediterranean Escape, just take a look at this Thunderbird Prenup.

The resort’s Greece inspired design made it ideal for their Mediterranean themed prenup. They were able to shoot in different areas of the resort where they were able to get a range of romantic, dramatic shots — from casual romantic to formal dramatic. All the different locations were perfect for each set. There’s the casual romantic set against greens, the vintage beachside picnic set, an elegant outdoor formal and the fiery dramatic formal set. Don’t you just love the long billowing gown against the resort’s white Grecian facade, on the rocky seaside and amidst the remnants of the dried palm trees?

You can tell, Jason & Kristine enjoyed their prenup experience.

It was amazing! Instant vacation for us as well…Overall we had a great experience, we loved the outcome of our prenup photos and we are so thankful we chose the best suppliers, mostly our photographer/videographer who have been patient with us. They were all professional and friendly. We got the chance to be model/celebrities at least once in our lives haha


For this Thunderbird Prenup, the couple had to take the necessary precautions to manage whatever challenges or discomfort they might encounter given that it’s an out of town & outdoor shoot.

We almost rescheduled the shoot because of the storm forecast, so we monitored the weather the whole day before our trip. Luckily, the weather in La Union was perfect. Let me just share that I offered eggs to St. Claire twice, and our suppliers were teasing me during the shoot “nasobrahan sa itlog maam” because the weather was too hot.

We actually stayed overnight to maximize the location and for our suppliers to implement their plans. We booked a 3 bedroom villa for the team, with complete amenities and super cozy rooms, I totally recommend the villas.


As for their tips for other soon-to-weds thinking of having a prenup similar to theirs, they have two main tips:

1) Plan ahead of time.

We reserved at Thunderbird 3 months earlier and we started looking for suppliers afterward.

2) Hire a stylist.

This is advisable for couples like us who have no experience with photo shoots. They will provide pegs and ideas for the shoot.

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Supplier Spotlight : Photo/video: Dreamcatchers Photocinema | Styling: Styling by Yvonne Camay | HMUA: Julius Cabanisas & Ivan Deney Dollosa

What can you say about this Thunderbird prenup? Which set is your favorite? We’d love to hear about it. 

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  • For us dreaming of a perfect wedding because it is one of the memorable event in life with exchanging vows to your lover or partner that you will be in the rollercoaster of up and downs. I already been in Thunderbird but in Rizal not in La Union but I think La Union is far greater to have a more area of land which add some more amenties also the scenery of the beach is breath taking.

  • Ordinarily, red color is associated with stronger emotions. Pero in this case, I thought the red and relatively white background really works beautifully. So the choice of color for the bride’s gown is excellent. Best wishes to the couple.