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Trendy Travelers:Tinipak River Prenup

Tinipak River Prenup, CamZar Photography

Travel lovers, Angelo & Kaye, hiked off to the mountains of Tanay for their outdoor Tinipak River Prenup.

They wanted an engagement session, which captures them surrounded by nature. Tinipak Rivers was the perfect place or them with its mountains, trees, rivers & rock formation.

“The time we saw a review of the Tinipak River, we already fell in love with it—a not so known place yet definitely a complete package for all that we are looking for!”

And Angelo & Kaye seems to have made the most of their trip having five layouts – yes, five! – for their prenup session. They had a range of tough and dainty and formal and whimsical for their themes. Now, having these much layouts with props & details for a destination shoot can only be pulled off smoothly with the help of a stylist. Sure enough, Angelo & Kaye so rightly tapped their stylist, The Wanderlust Production, headed by Kel Sampayan who assisted them with “a very good production set that added life to the photos”, which we can see with the different outfits for each layout and their colorful boho picnic set up.


The couple shared how the whole session was a very fun & memorable prenup experience for them — not only for the couple but for the whole team they have with them for their shoot.

“It was already rainy season and yet when we landed our feet on the actual location – thank God – the rain jus stopped pouring and the sun did shine from start to end! Yay for us! Long treks, challenging climbs, and five outfit changes were all no match for a team of 19 people who are all enjoying every moment of the prenup shoot. All worth the effort!”

As the saying goes, ‘the more the merrier’!. Especially when it comes to accomplishing something as important & challenging as prenup concept as this one.


Aside from having great, talented team with you onboard or your engagement session, here are some other tips Angelo & Kaye has for those planning a destination outdoor prenup shoot like theirs:

1)     Google it

The wealth of information you can get from google will help you a lot!

2)     Go for an ocular visit.

Especially, if you’re not too familiar with the place, it’s better to visit it first before the actual shoot. Also, there might be some new rules or developments in the area compared to the web reviews. Things to take note of are the following:

  • What to ride to get there & go around the area
  • Where to change clothes
  • Where to eat
  • What are the fees to pay
  • Where are good spots for the shoot

This will also help maximize the time you’ll have during the actual shoot.

3)     Have less stress with a good stylist

This way you will not have to worry about what to wear and how to go about the production set-ups!

4)     Plan your transportation & food

Arrange for proper transport and make sure to bring yummy food, not just for the couple but for the whole team! You’ll need all the rest & sustenance you can get for a long, active day. 

5)     Make your suppliers your friends!

This is how you can ensure to have happy & good vibes during the shoot. Besides, having new good friends is always be a good thing!

6)     Just be you!

Remember this to feel as relaxed and as normal as you can be.

The couple also suggests that if you’re also planning a prenup video or save the date get some footage from the prenup shoot to incorporate in those. It’s something they did which they found “super worth it!”.  Just take a look at their Save The Date Video by Rewind Media.

Anjo and Kaye from Rewind Media on Vimeo.

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Supplier Spotlight: Photography: CamZar Photography | Video: The Rewind Media | Hair & Makeup: Toni Aviles | Styling: The Wanderlust Production headed by Kel Sampayan

If you were to have your own outdoor engagement session, where would you want it to be?

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  • Sam

    Loving this prenup! I’ve been to Tinipak River and Mt. Daraitan two years ago. It was very beautiful and scenic. Perfectly captured in the photo in fact. I think I would have something like this in the future! Preferably in Sagada.

  • More Like Twins

    Your prenup photos are so nice! I have heard of Wanderlust productions and I actually love their works. The video is great too! If you don’t mind me asking though, how much did you spend for your prenup?

  • More Like Twins

    I mean how much does it cost to have a prenup like this? I wrote it wrong x.x Wanted to edit it but I accidentally pressed enter @,@

  • Richard Anthony Baldoza

    The prenup photos, as what I always comment here, are gorgeous! Everything looks high end and I’m guessing, costs alot. Regarding shoot locations, it really is important to have an occular first. Photos don’t do beautiful places justice, the couple really needs to visit it and check for themselves, as this would be the venue that would be shown to families and friends. I really liked the tip about making friends with the organizers and the team. – TRUE

  • Marge Gavan

    This has got to be one of the most beautiful prenup photoshoot that I’ve seen. I am in love with her yellow dress, she looks so pretty in it! And I think their choice of venue is perfect, definitely not the usual venue that most couples pick for their prenups.

  • Alyssa Tuangco

    Those pictures are amazing!!! I love the theme with the teepee. One of the most beautiful prenups I’ve seen, plus the great place! Oooh im excited to see more photos from you 🙂

  • Carola K

    Wow, they choose an awesome location. I love the floral dress. It’s so beautiful!! I’m glad it stopped raining and the sun started shining even though it was the rainy season already. The photos turned out great this way! The yellow dress is also gorgeous. It looks like a fairy tale. Great tips on planning a destination outdoor prenup!

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