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Benguet Prenup: An Earthy & Chic E-Session

Benguet Prenup, Mayad Studios

A hike up the mountains doesn’t seem to be such a bad idea if it means getting such awe-inspiring photos like these from Ton & Trizia’s Benguet prenup.

Fortunately for Ton & Trizia, the photography studio they tapped, Mayad Studios, gave awesome  recommendations for their  prenup theme and location.

“The theme and concept were recommended by Mayad’s creative director, Kharu. Photographer, Bill suggested we do the shoot in Benguet where had to climb mountains. (It) turned out to be one of the best experiences during the shoot!”

This is something to taken note of for those planning their engagement session. Don’t stress too much if you couldn’t decide on what theme & where to go for your prenup. You can find suppliers who can help you not only for what will happen on the day of your shoot, but with giving great recommendations on your prenup concept as well.

For this Benguet prenup, we love how it evokes such an an earthy, rustic feel yet it also gives off such a chic vibe. Then there’s the detail on the notable quote from Colleen Hoover’s Slammed. It’s so telling of what Ton & Trizia’s relationship is about. That detail of including it in their set makes for a lovely memento from this shoot. Would be very useful to as something to share their future son or daughter when it’s their turn to find their better-half. But let’s not yet get too far off into the future.

Going through the photos, one can sense such a relaxed, radiant mood from the couple. You wouldn’t think they had to make a bit of a climb to get to their specific shoot locations. It does pay to work with people you feel at ease with. It’s a bonus if you all get along you not only to work well together, but to have fun as well.

“Fun would be an understatement since we pretty much laughed the whole time. Ton and I are not used to having our photos taken (we mostly live by selfies) but they made us comfortable in front of the camera. There wasn’t a dull moment during the trip considering we had all just met during that same weekend. Fun, fun experience.”

Given how much fun they had and the awesome photos they got from their Benguet prenup, we asked Ton & Trizia what are some details they may have overlooked and wished they paid more attention to. They responded in jest saying:

“We should have brought more clothes suitable for the hike! “

Now, maybe that’s something to take note of for other couples thinking about having their own version of a Benguet prenup.

Supplier Spotlight:  Mayad Studios

What do you love most about this Benguet prenup? If you’re looking for other mountainous prenup themes & locations, you can check out our this Tinipak River prenup.

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