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Lakeshore Engagement Session: Kenneth & Diana

Lakeshore Engagement Session, CoLove Studios

There are prenup sessions by the beach, and then there are those by the lake like Kenneth & Diana’s engagement session at The Lakeshore, Pampanga.

This was what Olongapo based photographer, CoLove Studios, recommended to their couple since their studio is based in Olongapo and the couple is based in Manila. Kenneth & Diana found this to be a strategic & convenient location where they can meet halfway. This is why they decided to go with this venue despite having several venue options in mind. It also helped that, to the couple, this venue was familiar & cost effective.

“One of the groom-to-be’s cousin wedded there just recently so we are confident that the setting’s ambiance would serve our desired theme and output. Their prenup package is also within our budget and offers free use of props and boat rides. We’re especially thankful that we were able to book it while the fee was still modest since their prenup package surged up to 300% more than the original price a day after we placed our payment. GOD is so good!”


Now, that’s not all they have to be thankful for. The couple expressed how their prenup session was exceptionally fun and memorable.  This, despite being stressing a week before the shoot about the concept for their theme and looking for the things they will need. For an experience such as this, it’s but normal to find yourself exhausted & pressured. Of course, these are photos of a lifetime that you want to be captured and cherished for years to come.

“The day of the shoot came; we were pleased that the weather was delightful! The sky was clear and the sun was shining warmly. The wind awesomely blew at a precise pace, which added a dramatic effect on our photos.”

As with most couples, who aren’t really used to posing for the camera, It took a while for them to ease up from a bit of tension and be more relaxed and comfortable.


“Soon enough, our tight and shy smiles turned into calm and wide grins. It helped an awful lot that our suppliers made us feel like we were long-term friends. Our day was a series of cracked jokes and an exchange of friendly banter with our suppliers. It helped a lot for us to act and pose naturally.”

For destination shoots such as this, it would be a good idea to bring friends or family along to make the day more fun and memorable. This couple had their families with them for the shoot making it some sort of family event & outing at the same time. It would be a great time to have your families get to know each other better too, don’t you think?

“At the end of the day, we could not just help but to thank and glorify GOD for the wonderful adventure we had! He truly worked all things together for our good. The pressures and fatigue we faced before the shoot led us to trust in HIS strength and grace alone and not on what we think our own hands can accomplish. To GOD be the glory!”


That’s definitely a great way of looking at things and handling any setbacks you may encounter for your own shoot.

But aside from that, the couple has their own tips to share when preparing for one’s prenup:

1. Decide on a theme for your shoot.

This is important because it will drive the whole session. For Kenneth & Diana, they chose ‘fun and chill,’ since they are both festive and calm in their relationship.

2. Set a prenup schedule with your suppliers.

Select a time as to when you would like to start the shoot. During the morning, on a sunrise, when the air is damp and the morning dew can still be seen on grasses? Or would you like to do it in the afternoon to mingle the hotness of the day to the warmth of the orange sunset?

3. Share with your suppliers your desired ideas ie poses, props, outfits, etc.

Don’t hesitate; let them know what you want. You can find a lot of prenup ideas online – wedding websites, blogs and apps like Pinterest.

Let them know if you have a venue in mind; if none, ask them for suggestions. They had been to plenty of picture-perfect places and they would recommend only the best for you and your concept.

4. Make a checklist so you will not miss anything.

These make up part of the couple’s checklist:

  • props, clothes, food, drinks, gadgets, and cash/payment.
  • Buy/make your props if you would use one. Do it ahead of time; you would not want to do it a week before or you’ll end up exhausted like us.
  • Have haircut and hair color be done 2 weeks before the shoot.
  • Practice poses & smiles to build confidence


5. Assign someone from your family or relatives to take care of the food and the suppliers’ needs while you, the couple, are busy with the shoot.

If the venue is outdoors, bring plenty of water and ice for everyone’s quick refreshments.

6. Pray for it.

Preparing is one thing, but praying is entrusting it to the One who can make everything you’ve prepared to go as you expected or even better than what you anticipated.

7. Savor the moment.

 Have fun! Be natural with your facial expressions and poses.

8. Don’t forget to eat in between takes.

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Supplier Spotlight: Photography: CoLove Studios | Hair & Makeup: SJ Beltran Baniqued.
Aside from enjoying their experience, Kenneth & Diana definitely seemed to learn a lot from it. Which tip do you think would help you the most for your own engagement session?

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  • daawnflores

    I love the photos! They’re not too clingy but it’s romantic. Not your usual prenup photoshoot. I’ve been to lakeshore before and it is one of the best venues to shoot a prenup. I can’t wait to have these intimate shots. 🙂