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Simply Scintillating: Solaire Engagement Session

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Typically, prenup sessions consist of around three set-ups or themes in one venue which is why prenups are usually done in vast locations like resorts, gardens or beaches. Romela & Deo, however, chose to have theirs within the confines of one room, that of Solaire Resort.

“We chose Solaire Resort and Casino as our venue because of its luxurious interior, and its floor-to-ceiling windows with a panoramic view of Manila Bay. We also took into consideration the comfort and convenience of having the shoot done in a hotel room, which meant we did not have to suffer under the heat and humidity outside. “


In this couple’s case, they had four set-ups and if I were to describe their themes, it would be ‘fresh morning in casual grey sweats’, ‘dressy casual afternoon’, ‘boyfriend shirt twilight’ and ‘formal evening romance’. I love how they were able to capture different romantic themes and moods in one relatively small space. Of course, that would not be possible without the help of Romela & Deo’s suppliers for photography, makeup & styling.


How was the whole experience for them?

“It was unexpectedly fun! We initially thought it would be awkward because we were not used to posing professionally for the camera. But we immediately established that connection and level of comfort with our wonderful photographers from Icebox Imaging, lead by Sir Michael Galang. Our suppliers also collaborated with one another to ensure we were beautified and posed tastefully for the camera. Ms. Ish Sison our makeup artist, was detail-oriented and she looked after my partner and I through out the shoot. Ms. Yvonne Camay our stylist, had her eyes on us the whole time and made sure we looked our best in every photo.  All of which manifested in our remarkable prenup photos!”



Here are their three (3) tips for others planning on their engagement session.

1) Invest in a good stylist

“We know budget can be tight especially when preparing for the big day. But I really recommend to invest on a good stylist to help create the theme for the shoot.”

2) Communicate your expectations

“Do not hesitate to have that dialogue with the photographer to communicate your expectations, likes and dislikes. Have that conversation prior to the prenup session.”

3) Eat & rest well

“Nourish yourselves with food and make sure you and your partner are well rested prior to the shoot. Make up can only do so much!”

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Suppliers Spotlight:  Photography: Icebox Imaging | Makeup Artist: Ish Sison Makeup Artistry | Stylist: Styling by Yvonne Camay
If you were to choose your one room prenup session, where would you want yours to be?



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  • Sam

    This was hot. Haha. Most prenups I’ve seen are tweetums. But I can see the personality of the couple right here. Plus, Solaire is so beautiful! I’ve never seen it with this much lighting. It’s a very viable place for an indoor prenup.

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