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Rustic Barnyard Wedding: From Friendster To Forever

This couple sealed their love at a rustic barnyard wedding after 8 wonderful years.

The social media age has undoubtedly created connections for us that differ from live interactions. While there may not be any chance for us to meet all these connections in person, we can’t say that deep, lasting connections cannot be made.

Take Paolo & Mitch who, true to the ‘techie times’, met 8 years ago through then top social media site, Friendster.

“We had common friends in college that led us to become connected to each other. After 3 months of exchanging chats and text messages we finally agreed to meet each other in person. It was a nerve-racking, Fun, anxious and exciting moment for we will finally meet and talk to each other for the first time — and it’s both our first time dating someone whom we met online). August 16, 2008, when we became an official couple and that led to a successful 8 years of relationship before we finally decided to get married.”


Before basking in the bliss of their rustic barnyard wedding, there was ‘Paolo’s proposal to Mitch, which is an endearing story that reflects the depth of their relationship. As Mitch narrates:

“The proposal that he prepared was not the usual proposal that we usually see. He organized a feeding program for 80 children with special needs and had a great program with them. At the end of the event, he finally got the moment to ask me and I said “YES”! It was a very memorable and emotional moment for our family and the children were all celebrating with us.”

While common interests and values are what normally bring couples together, it’s refreshing to learn about how Paolo & Mitch view their differences as aspects they’re able to manage and actually help them to grow stronger together than  drive them apart. This must be the secret to the longevity of their relationship.

“Our differences made our relationship rock solid. Our differences in beliefs, attitude, habits, paradigms and mindset made our relationship with each other deeper and stronger. God guided us in our journey and we believe that everything that happened to us and will happen to us is all His divine plan.”

And now, they find themselves in a different journey together — one where they go through life as husband & wife after tying the knot just this year at a romantic rustic barnyard wedding at The Forest Barn.

“We envisioned our wedding day to be just simple with (90 guests) and slightly unconventional. The words “cozy, intimate and bohemian rustic theme” guided most of our decisions in making our dream wedding a reality.”

They say, rain on your special day signifies blessings. And blessed they are, indeed. Despite the challenges of a rainy weather and instead of a dreary mood, the images we see of this rustic barnyard wedding exudes the fresh exuberance of the morning dew. Of course, much thanks for this must be given to their suppliers.

Top Knotter Moment

“Having an outdoor wedding at (Tagaytay-Alfonso) area was a big risk for us because of the unpredictable weather. Since day one we wanted to have an outdoor ceremony but the universe gave us a different kind of gift on our big day. After 1 year of preparation, typhoon Karen, which struck most of Luzon area decided to make a landfall on the day of our wedding. But God is good for giving us our Wedding Coordinator, Ms. Dhimple Anonuevo. She was so calm and her team did their best to make sure that our ceremony will be done outdoor because they know how bad we really wanted to have an outdoor ceremony. But the rain didn’t stop and it continued to pour heavily on that day, so we just let her decide to do what’s best and that is to celebrate the ceremony indoors. Also, Mr. Ervin Braga, my HMUA, was with me all the time. We kept on talking and laughing inside the bridal car. In spite of heavy rains and delays in our timeline, I didn’t get anxious and felt relaxed and easy because of them. Our photographer (Efjay Deleon) and videographer (NST Pictures Philippines) made the whole process enjoyable, natural, and FUN!! They are fun to work with. Their work really captured the happiness that everyone had at our event, as well as the uniqueness of everyone’s personalities.”


Despite being a last-minute change from an original outdoor plan, I can say that the indoor set up turned out lovely – still true to the cozy, intimate & bohemian feel they wanted and befitting this rustic barnyard wedding setup.

For other soon-to-weds, their tips are essential things to remember as you ready for your marriage as well. Here’s what they have to share:

1) Misunderstandings are normal.

As the wedding preparation starts, there will be times that you and your partner will have misunderstandings. That is normal and that is a great lesson to experience.

2) Wedding preparation is the best starting point for both of you when it comes to decision-making as a couple.

Though one of you is not really into wedding preparation, always talk and update each other on the progress of your preps.

3) Mind your budget.

No matter what type of wedding you want to have, there’s a fair certainty that you will still be spending quite a big sum of money. Therefore try as much as possible to steer clear of the absolutely unnecessary expenses. Don’t be lured easily and get distracted by the trends and demands that you usually see on other weddings.

4) Personalize as much as you can.

Make DIY’s as much as possible. Not only you will save a lot of money, but that is also a great way for your guest to feel your personal touch in your preparation and for your guest to also know your personality as a couple on your wedding day.

At the end of the day showing and expressing both your personality to your guest through your wedding preparation is still the best. Let your wedding be the taste and satisfaction of yourself and your spouse.

5) God’s plans are always bigger & better than ours

No matter how long your wedding preparation is, not all that you planned will be done perfectly on the wedding day itself.

The moment that you wake up in the morning of your big day, let God be the best wedding coordinator that you have, lift everything to Him, trust your suppliers and just go with the flow.

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What do you think of this rustic barnyard wedding? Isn’t it just a charming way to begin forever?
Supplier Spotlight: Venue and Reception: The Forest Barn | Preparation Villa: Yellow Coco | Coordinator: Momentum Wedding Coordinator c/o of Dimple Añonuevo | Bride’s HMUA: Ervin Braga | Entourage HMUA: Quineth Angelo Simpia | Photographer: Efjay Deleon | Videographer: NST Pictures | Caterer: Towns Delight – The Caterer | Host: Host Jam | Florist: Hana’s Flowershop | Photobooth: K’s Photobooth | Bridal Gown & Groom Suit: Liana’s Bridal Boutique | Mothers, Entourage, Flower girls Gown: Liana’s Bridal Boutique | Crew Meal: Kroo Meals | Band: Digital Duos Lights and Sounds: Stohnenky Pro Sounds and Lights (“bright lights, clear music”) | Ring box: Pinlight Lasercrafts | Officiant: Pastor Roberto Mendoza

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