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One More Chance: Jeremy and Jessica’s Online Romance

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When the wounds of the past cut deep, it’s easy for us to believe that there couldn’t be a future that would heal them.  The same was true for Jessica…until she gave dating another try (and online too). One more chance, one more reason to hope. That was who Jeremy was for her.

Four years ago, Jessica ended her toxic and abusive marriage. After that dark period, she started to pick up the pieces of her life again. She faced her depression and finalized her divorce. And she mended her heart by learning to love herself again. She began to believe that there could be one more chance for her, if not to find love, then to be happy and free.

One More Chance After Heartbreak

A year later, a friend of Jessica’s gave her a one year subscription to a dating website as a birthday gift.  But Jessica was more than hesitant to use it. She didn’t think she could find love again, and especially not online! She didn’t know then that though her heart had been broken, she had not been completely forsaken.

Eventually, Jessica finally tried dating online, but only as a sign of gratitude to her friend. It was new and made her uneasy, and there wasn’t anyone who interested her. But just when she was about to throw in the towel, her friend asked her to give it one more chance. So she did. Little did she know that online dating was just waiting to give her one more chance to find her soulmate too. And that was how Jessica and Jeremy first met.

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Fast forward to 2017, this unconventional love story between Jessica and Jeremy took itself to another plain. They solidified their commitment to each other during a majestic ceremony in the white sand beaches of Palawan. Even though they had come all the way from Canada, the couple were surprised to have pulled off the solemn beach wedding that they had wanted. It was a dream come true for both of them.

Jessica and Jeremy’s Destination Wedding Tips

Many couples will attest that organizing a destination wedding is hella difficult. But it can be done! Each couple have their own say on what’s important during the planning phase. Here’s Jessica and Jeremy’s take on the process:

1.    Procrastinate Early

“We started planning the wedding a year in advance although it was also a very carefree planning process. And because of one year’s lead time, we felt like we didn’t miss anything.”

2.   Don’t know what to do? Trust your suppliers!

“We wanted to document our big day because we wanted our family members in Calgary to watch it.  Without any idea on what to do about it, we trusted David and his crew. And I was amazed at the outcome of the same-day edit video.  They gave us more than what we expected.”

Jessica and Jeremy went to great lengths to get the wedding of their dreams. But it was all worth the effort in the end, especially since they also went through a lot just to find each other in the first place. Their story, not just their wedding, is a beautiful testament to the fact that Love never truly abandons us. Love doesn’t just give us one more chance, but infinite chances. So what are you waiting for?

Supplier Spotlight: Photo/Video: David Garmsen | Venue/Catering: Stunning Republic | HMUA: Ryet Parino | Bridal Gown: Free People (Canada) | Groom’s Suit: J Crew 

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