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Violet and Magenta Wedding: In Full Bloom at Eden Nature Park, Davao

Who says flowers are only for girls? Just as there is a Yin for every Yang, the woods of Eden Nature Park in Davao provide the perfect masculine contrast to this sweet violet and magenta wedding.

Rev and Doy’s love story, much like the many flowers that filled their ceremony and reception, took a lot of time to grow. So it’s only fitting that their floral violet and magenta wedding, held in the serene Eden Nature Park in Davao (here’s a rustic wedding in Tagaytay for all you, Manilans), served as a symbolic testament to a love that is now in full bloom.

From Schoolmates to Sweethearts

Rev and Doy were schoolmates since 1997 and used to compete in out-of-town Quiz Bees together, though they weren’t close. But in 2001, Doy sent Rev a Christmas card/love letter, the content of which the bride can still recall in verbatim. He sent another letter on Valentine’s the next year.  After a few months, Rev asked Doy to write on her slumbook.

“In the space asking, ‘Who is your crush?’ he wrote my name in full.  And two months later, he became my boyfriend. I was twelve years old, and he was thirteen. We weren’t allowed to use cellphones then, so we’d exchange letters everyday and have our friends act as mailmen.”

Their communication fell apart when Doy left for the city to attend university, and only picked up when Rev began her college studies the following year. But even then, they grew apart and eventually parted ways after four years together. For the next four, they saw other people and hardly talked to each other.

They say you have to step back from the forest to see the trees. Perhaps that’s what had to happen for Rev and Doy to realize they desired to be together and were finally willing to do what it took to honor that commitment.

“In November 2009, he sent me a birthday message saying how he wished for my happiness and how sorry he was for how things were. I replied and we exchanged messages until sunrise. Since then, he was bent on winning me over [again]. I felt his sincerity when he did things beyond what he did when we were first together.”

In Full Bloom: Their Floral Violet and Magenta Wedding

Rev and Doy chose to get married on February 11, the day of Doy’s grandmother’s birthday. It was also the anniversary of Rev’s parents when they were still boyfriend and girlfriend. A special day, considering they were also childhood sweethearts. Lastly, the feast of Our Lady of Lourdes, to which Rev’s family is devoted to, is also celebrated on the same day.

It was a joyous event, made more special by the other celebrations attached to the date. That was exactly how the couple wanted to seal their love to each other. The lovely violet and magenta wedding was captured by Jon Jamora of Rated Love Photography.

“Our Top Knotters moment was when we became friends with our suppliers while doing the prenup shoot. We got along well in just one day, which made us look forward to being with them again on the wedding too.”

Lucky for us, they were even able to capture the groom’s surprise number for his wife! The couple, having grown close to the suppliers, definitely felt and looked at ease throughout the day. They were in the moment and seemed to sincerely enjoy all the happenings during their violet and magenta wedding.

Rev and Doy’s Wedding Prep Advice

1. Ask yourselves what you want.

For couples planning to get married, it’s crucial to determine first how you want your wedding to be like. It should reflect your tastes and personality and not necessarily the latest trends you see online or in magazines or somebody else’s wedding.

2. Choose your suppliers wisely.

Choose your suppliers according to how you envision your wedding to be. There may be popular ones out there, but they might have a different vision from yours. See first if their style meets your own.

3. Relax and enjoy!

Having good camaraderie and relationship with your suppliers can help ease the tension in preparing and planning for your wedding. It also helps make you look less self-conscious in photos. So get to know them and be friends with them! Then you’ll look forward to having them on your special day, as much as you would your other guests!

Suppliers Spotlight: Photo: Jon Jamora of Rated Love Photography | Video: Wonderworks Wedding Films | Styling/Coordination: Rogelyn Batuampo of Pinktouche Events | Makeup: Tiny Pinili | Hair: Reymark Montinola

Do you agree with having a personal and close relationship with your wedding suppliers? Vote and let us know why or why not in the comments section below!

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