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Romantic Urban Prenup at Ronac Art Center

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The Ronac Art Center felt like the right choice for this couple’s romantic urban prenup.

This hub for contemporary art is probably one of the most popular venues in the country for prenup sessions, especially for couples that want their photos to have an artsy, urban feel. Atty. Franklin & Dr. Ailen’s  reasons for choosing this hub for contemporary art as their prenup venue were actually rational, logical and practical.

“We narrowed down our choices for our prenup location by considering several factors such as advice from friends, budget restrictions, proximity to our residence, and our desired prenup theme. In the end, Ronac Art Center felt like the right choice as it delivered on most of our requirements.”


But no matter how logical & nonsensical a couple may be, when you get down to it, there’s really no rhyme or reason for expressing one’s love for each other. It just emanates and flows from the one loving to the one who is loved. It’s amazing how the emotions that reflect these can be captured in images set in a way a couple wants to immortalize it.

For their session, Atty. Franklin & Dr. Ailen had 4 layouts for their romantic urban prenup photo session. It’s not usual for couples to include a wedding outfit in their prenup layout set, but it’s great that they did it in theirs — as if giving us a sneak peek at what we’ll witness on their big day. I love the photo with the illusion where the couple is running on a floating curved stairway. It gives off a rom-com type of feel.

So how was the experience of shooting their romantic urban prenup?

“At first we were a bit concerned because neither of us had much experience posing for a professional photographer and videographer. Thankfully, our kind friends from Niceprint guided us through the motions and were very patient in directing our poses for the camera. As the day wore on, we felt more comfortable with the whole process and we felt that the photos represented our love for each other.”

For other couples preparing for their own prenup session, here are the couple’s tips may it be for a romantic urban prenup or any theme they choose to go with:

1) The first and most important thing to do is to come up with an overall theme (architectural, nature, etc.) that you are comfortable with.

This joint decision would have an impact on everything, like the prenup venue, makeup style and prenup attires.

2) Get a stylist.

We also recommend hiring the services of an event stylist in order to make the most of the prenup experience.

3) Loosen up and get comfortable.

During the shoot, it’s normal to feel a bit jittery in the beginning but don’t be afraid to ask questions from your photographer and videographer for guidance. It is important to be loose and comfortable, and we found out that the best photos came out when we were just being ourselves and expressing our love for each other, pretending that we were alone.

Supplier Spotlight: Photo and Video: Niceprint Photography  | Hair & Makeup: Nybie Ng | Stylist: Fairytale Studios | Prenup venue: Ronac Art Center 

What do you think of this romantic urban prenup at Ronac Art Center?

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