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Juday and Ryan Show Us 7 Ways to Keep the Flame Burning

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Juday and Ryan, who are celebrating their anniversary today, are showing us what real #RelationshipGoals look like—and how to achieve that!

It takes a lot to make a marriage work and last. And we mean A LOT. So whenever we see a more mature couple holding hands or going out on Fridate nights, we can’t help but wonder how they managed to still be in love after all those years—when sometimes we feel like strangling ourselves when the hubby forgets to put the cap on the toothpaste tube, or when the wife keeps nagging us to do just that. Juday and Ryan (surnames optional), who celebrate their eighth year of being married today, are just one of the celebrity couples whom we look to for this kind of #relationshipgoals inspo.

Though their marriage is still relatively young, Juday and Ryan have shown an admirable sense of maturity throughout their journey as a couple. So now, upon the release of the wedding video from their seventh year anniversary and renewal of vows, we’d like to share with you our thoughts on how the couple has kept their marriage strong all along. Read on for our breakdown and to watch the film by Jason Magbanua below.

Juday and Ryan Show Us 7 Ways to Keep the Flame Burning

“Can I kiss your mom?” (screenshot from video by Jason Magbanua)

1.  Include the kids

Once you get married and have kids, the tendency is for you to do everything for them and let romance take a backseat. But Juday and Ryan show us that that doesn’t have to be the case! It was such a good idea for them to renew their vows, not just so their son, Lucho, could be part of the wedding, but also so the kids could take an active role in preserving the marriage of their parents.

We love how their daughter, Yohan, prayed for them at the ceremony. But our favorite part was when Ryan asked permission from Lucho to kiss the bride.  The little tyke gives his permission and even brings his parents’ faces together—then covers his eyes! Can you say “adorable”???

Juday sticking her tongue out at all of us who have sworn off sweets for the sake of fluctuating waistlines.

2.  Let her eat cake

A marriage can only work if you accept each other unconditionally.  This includes sweet teeth and other dietary preferences.

Photo by Patrick Uy

3.  Throwback (not just on Thursdays)

“Keep that in mind. Keep a snapshot of that moment when, with a certain certainty of faith, you knew this was it.”

The priest whom Juday and Ryan chose to preside over their renewal ceremony reminded them–and all of us—of the importance of remembering why we loved the other person in the first place. He said that it was good to go back to the original inspiration for the relationship and how, through their years as a couple and family, they learned a lot.

4.  Know your center

“The Lord said, ‘I will send you the Spirit to help you learn, to teach you, and to help you remember’… The Lord promises to send you this Spirit every time.”

It’s no easy feat to love someone. Yes, it’s always nice to wake up next to your spouse, to have someone to share intimate conversations with, or to have them know exactly how you want your frapuccino made when you’re too sleepy to tell the barista yourself. But oftentimes, marriage requires a strength and courage and selflessness that we didn’t always have before. For that, we need to go back to the source: God’s love.

Ryan teases Juday at the altar.

5.  Let your hair down

Though love and marriage and family life is a serious commitment that entails a lifetime to fulfill, it should never be a gloomy sentence! Always make time to let your hair down. Kick up your heels and enjoy this beautiful gift every day the way Juday and Ryan do.

 6.  Love the present

In the video of their marriage renewal, we are treated to glimpses of how the couple were seven years prior. The whole time they were giggling and dancing and just so giddy with love. Each moment dripped with sweet romance.

Then we see Juday and Ryan today. They are a little more mature, a little less silly. It’s not because they’re less in love, no. Rather, it shows how, over the years, they’ve grown all the more committed to one another. Their love has grown deeper: calm yet certain and self-assured. It shows!

7.  Celebrate your #SevenYearHitch

“Let’s welcome our seventh year of being married nang masaya, malumanay… Mukhang nagwowork naman!”

Seven is the number of divinity. But in marriage, the seven-year itch is commonly referenced to. We know it as that time when they say happiness in a relationship begins to decline. But we don’t have to (and shouldn’t) fall victims to this!

We applaud Juday and Ryan for soldiering on despite the challenges every married couple faces—celebrity or not. While you don’t necessarily have to celebrate it in the same style or manner (although we have to admit how we can’t help falling in love with their low-key, fairy-lit #JudayAndRyan7 affair in Batangas), what matters most is that you take the time to appreciate the love that your spouse has offered and keeps offering to you.

It really is true that the kind of love we should aspire to isn’t so much the fleeting brilliance of fireworks, but the life-giving light of a candle that ever burns. We’re grateful to Juday and Ryan for sharing these love lessons to us by way of their life, and to Jason Magbanua for telling it to us so well. Keep on loving, you!

If you’re thirsting for more, you can check out our other gooey love analyses based on celebrity wedding videos, such as this. Enjoy!

How have Juday and Ryan’s marriage inspired you? Write in the comments section then watch the video by Jason Magbanua below.

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