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Solenn and Nico Show Us 5 Ways to Recognize True Love

Solenn and Nico, Jason Magbanua

Can you imagine a time when Solenn and Nico didn’t know each other? Yet now they seem perfect together. We’ve dissected their wedding film for signs to recognize YOUR true love. Remember to keep your eyes open because he/she might just be lurking around the corner!

On The Top Knotters, we feature weddings and engagements—so-called success stories in the department of love. But anyone who has ever attempted to get into a relationship or even just had a crush has most likely also felt the soul-crushing effects of heartbreak at least once in their life. It’s all sorts of salt-in-your-wounds, I-can’t-stop-bingeing-on-ice-cream, my-life-has-lost-all-meaning painful! And when it reaches such a low, we start doubting if we will ever find love again or if, indeed, love exists for such imperfect human beings such as ourselves.  Enter, Solenn and Nico.

We’ve all seen them pull pranks on, poke fun at, and profess undying love for each other on their Instagrams. So how can we not believe in divine providence when we consider the truth that, ten years ago, Solenn and Nico didn’t even know each other? And now look at them: they’re inseparable!  It must be true love.  So we’ve taken it upon ourselves to dissect their wedding film (which was as spectacular as can be expected from Jason Magbanua) to discover the secret to recognizing true love when it comes for us, bow and arrow and all.

Solenn and Nico Show Us 5 Ways to Recognize Your True Love

1. Your true love is your mirror.

Solenn and Nico being wacky with the kids (Screencap from Jason Magbanua)

“Have you ever sat down within a dinner just the both of them? They have their own language and humor. And it’s basically like Solenn is talking to herself but in male version.”

They say that opposites attract but most couples will attest to the fact that a relationship is more peaceful when you and your spouse share similar qualities, especially values. According to the maid of honor, Solenn and Nico are no different! From their love for a healthy lifestyle to their passion for helping the marginalized to their prioritization of family.  While you will most likely still find a thousand differences with your true love over the course of time, it’s important that you see eye-to-eye on the big things like faith, family, and even money.

2. Your true love doesn’t “need” you to fix him.

Solenn and Nico, Jason Magbanua

“I’ve always thought that it was in my destiny to end up with someone that needed fixing when, in fact, I was the one that needed it.”

While “charity” does translate to “love”, your romantic relationship is not an NGO!  If the person you’re considering now has some very serious and deep, unresolved issues, chances are, they’re not ready for you at the moment. It’s not your job to fix anyone. And if they love you, they won’t get into a relationship with you while they’re still in self-destruct mode. Good on you for trading up, Solenn!

3. Your true love reminds you of your worth.

Solenn making her vows to Nico (Screencap from Jason Magbanua)

“…You know how they all say that you can only be happy if you love yourself first. And it was thanks to you that I got to know that person, and that I realized that I also deserve good things.”

How many of us have often been tempted settle for a lukewarm imitation of “love”? How often have we entered a relationship that’s just okay (or even downright stressful) because we thought it was better than being single? Don’t be ashamed, it happens to all of us—even Solenn!  But true love not only wants the best for us but also reminds us that we are worthy of the best. Now, “best” might not necessarily equate to best looks or best bank accounts (although we’re pretty sure Nico has both), but you get our drift right? So don’t settle! Just. Don’t.

4. Your true love acts like it all the time. (And makes you wanna do the same.)

Solenn and Nico, Jason Magbanua

“Bebe, I won’t tell you anything new I haven’t told you in the past five years. But there’s one main  lessoned I learned from you and it’s that love—it is not platonic, it is not romantic. It’s something that you work for everyday. That’s why I promise not just to love you forever, but also to love you everyday.”

“I cannot promise you that I won’t hate you at times. But I know I will love you harder even when it hurts.”

Who wouldn’t turn to mush watching Solenn and Nico exchange such emotional and heartfelt vows?  Their promises remind us that love is not love if it is not acted upon. Your true love realizes this. And you do too. When you love someone and they, you, there is a constant giving, constant self-sacrificing. Not because you want to get something in return, but simply because you have committed yourself to loving the other and doing what’s good for them.

5. Your true love will prove to you that life makes sense.

“I promise to be there for you when you need me, but also to be there for you when you don’t need me. I promise to support you in every single path you want to follow, no matter what or how crazy it is. I promise to make the bed and help you with the house duties. And lastly, I promise that forever will make sense.”

So many of the couples we’ve talked to always display that sense of awe that they’ve finally married the love of their lives. Some of them never expected to end up with the other, while some thought the day for them to get married would never come. I guess it’s just one of those things that doesn’t make sense—until it finally does. So if you’re still on the road to your forever, don’t give up on hope just because you’ve taken a lot of detours.  Baka traffic lang sa Edsa! Hold on to the fact that, as it was with Solenn and Nico, forever will make sense for you too.

There you have it: five ways to recognize true love, courtesy of Solenn and Nico. Now this is by no means an exhaustive list. But we hope that it helps narrow things down for you a little bit! So stop picking off flower petals, asking yourself if he loves you or if he doesn’t!  Instead, arm yourself with this knowledge, guidance from trusted friends, and tons of prayers that you’re doing the right thing—and just take that leap of faith! Let us know how it goes. (Want more love lessons? Here are 7 Ways to Keep the Flame Burning courtesy of Juday and Ryan Agoncillo.) 

Which of these five signs do you think is the most important in recognizing your true love? Tell us in the comments section below!

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