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Airbnb Prenup at White Airy Place: Jay & Maan

Just when you think you are running out of prenup locations, an Airbnb prenup comes along! Such a brilliant idea, right?

Credits to Jay & Maan’s photographer CamZar Photography for suggesting this to the couple. This opens up so many prenup venue options for couples looking for that perfect prenup spot.

What were Jay & Maan’s requirements for this prenup? It turns out, they didn’t really have any specific theme nor were they planning a fancy shoot. But they knew what they wanted.

“We just told our photographer and stylist that we want the shoot to revolve around the following: 1.) You are my home 2.) You bring color to my life 3.) Anywhere as long as I am with you.”

When you know what you want, it’s easier to appreciate it once you have it. Just like how Jay & Maan loves their Airbnb prenup.

“The venue was suggested by our photographer. We find it perfect since it perfectly translated our vision of a homey, happy vibe (for the) shoot. It perfectly covered the 3 concepts I have stated above…because we wanted the prenup to mirror the unconditional, undying love we have for each other and the happiness that naturally radiates because of it.”

Browsing through the photos, it’s easy to see what the couple are talking about. It’s great, too, that despite their preference for the “unposed”, laid back set up, they still added a beautiful wedding themed set in there.

Aside from the prenup photos couples get, what’s actually priceless about having an engagement session is the couple’s experience going through the whole process of capturing their love at the height of their relationship – as they prepare to seal their love with this sacred union that sets them for the rest of their lives together.

“The experience is so rewarding. There were no make-believes and no actings. All the smiles captured in the shoot are borne out of the spark that our relationship has maintained for the past 12 years. Yes, 12 years The prenup had us falling in love all over again. And we were also happy of how the set has effortlessly reflected a ‘happy-vibes’ feeling.”

Now, isn’t that what we all want? To just keep falling in love with our better half time & time again! With that, Jay & Maan have two valuable tips for other couples on how they can have a memorable session as they did in their Airbnb prenup.

 1) It is better if it is something that is reflective of your personality as a couple.

 2) Trusting your suppliers is also a key to a successful shoot.

“There is a reason why you chose your suppliers and that is because you have seen their mastery of their respective crafts. In our case, we did not meddle with our suppliers. We just gave them the 3 concepts that we wanted to achieve. We told them that they may freely exercise their ideas and we are so pleased with the outcome. They exceeded our expectations”

As for having an Airbnb prenup, while this gives you a lot of options, rules & conditions may vary depending on the host. So, set enough time in your prenup planning session if you want to go with this option. Nonetheless, wherever it is your engagement session will take you, what’s important is that you’re able to cherish this significant milestone together.

 Supplier Spotlight: Photography : CamZar Photography | Stylist : Jemi Prenup Styling | Hair and Makeup : Ish Sison Makeup Artistry | Florist : Amelia Blossoms | Venue : White Airy Place, Silang, Cavite

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