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Mint and Peach Wedding at Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish, Alabang

Kevin & Mheps met in school as members of a dance troupe. Almost a decade after, from friends to lovers, they are joined in marriage in a lovely & lively mint and peach wedding. With their vows, they’ve set on their way to dance to forever together.

In Pride & Prejudice, Jane Austen wrote, “To be fond of dancing was a certain step towards falling in love”. Kevin & Mhep’s story is a testament to how there is some truth to this line.

“9 years ago Kevin and I did not really know each other. I have my own set of friends, I have my own routine, and I really do not know anything about this guy. As in walang connection at all! Until one day I decided to join Bedanz Dance Troupe … There was one practice for the annual concert where we finally had the chance to meet. They introduced me to him saying I am new.  My first impression of him? “Suplado, tahimik. (Pero) cute nga. LOL”. Fast forward. We liked each other. He courted me. I liked him. He is my first boyfriend. And coincidentally, I am his first too.”

From the time they became boyfriend-girlfriend to the time he proposed, Kevin’s question to Mheps has been, “Ako na ba si Mr. Right?”.  As love would have it, Mheps knew that he was her Mr. Right. But they didn’t let it end there, they strived in their relationship to be that right one for each other.

“I know I answered it right. I know and I am sure that this guy is Mr. Right, my forever. Our story is not perfect. There were, of course, ups and downs but we grew together, we learned how to turn bad times to good times. We made every imperfect moment “PERFECT” for both of us – sabi nga. “SWAK na SWAK”.

How did they sustain, meeting as students and ending up in marriage? They are each other’s bestfriend and they kept their priorities straight.

“We are bestfriends! We are both “Kenkoy” hindi uso sa amin ang Candle-lit Dinner, Sosy Resaurant, we prefer Barbeque-han, mcdonalds, or streetfoods lang. chill lang. On top of all these, we made sure that our studies will still be the first priority. We had one goal when we are in college…  since we know that this is our first relationship we promised to make our Parents happy. Our goal every semester is to be a Dean’s Lister and graduate with honors AND WE MADE IT! Our parents are so happy for us. We earned their trusts and so it wasn’t that difficult for us to plan for the next step last year when we got engaged.”

All this led to a romantic dinner date at Vivere Hotel guised as a surprise anniversary date, which was capped off with a cake dessert having a diamond ring beside it along with a ‘Will you Marry Me?’ note.  And that is the prelude to their lovely mint and peach wedding.

So what is a wedding between two dancers like? Of course, there should not be a shortage of dancing moments! While the entourage had a dance number for them, the couple just had to have a dance video for their Save the Date. Here’s where they experience what was for them their top knotter moment.

“Since we are both dancers, we really looked for Videographers who could provide us what we wanted for our dream Save the Date. We wanted it unique (far different from the usual romantic “cheezy” photos that most soon-to-wed couples have). We wanted it to be an opportunity for us to showcase our talent and at the same time re-enact our proposal story to our family and friends. We are very lucky that Andrei of 8th Street Cinema was able to help us live that dream. He, himself, knew who we are as dancers so it was a bit easy for us to express what we want and how we want it. They made it extra special for us and we are very happy with the output.”

Looking through their wedding photos, don’t you love how the mint and peach combination is just so cool on the eyes. I also love how the Sacred Heart of Jesus Hillsborough Parish in Alabang serves as a majestic yet cozy backdrop for capturing the ceremony and the couples portraits along with their entourage.

It looks like a relaxed wedding that’s so well-put together, which it was. As they were preparing for the wedding, Mheps was told by others that she did not look stressed compared to other brides they know considering their wedding was just around the corner. So, Mheps shares with us her tips on how this was so to be of help to other soon-to-weds preparing for their big day.

“The secret? Proper planning, choosing the RIGHT suppliers and enjoying the moment. In our case, I owned the wheel. I did all the planning up until the execution of things. Kevin (my husband) was just there for decisions. He respected how I wanted it to happen and that is the first thing every couple should do. RESPECT each other.”

Here are the details of their tips & how they went about their preparation.

1) Proper Planning: Plan how you will plan it

“Wedding preparation seems easy at first but it is actually the first test to every soon-to-wed couple. This is where they will test each other’s Patience and Trust to each other. Conversations will heat up most of the time as there will be disagreements on some stuffs but they, as couple must learn how to agree to disagree and let go. Since my field is in Project Management, I centered all the activities in one template that our Coordinator gave us. I enhanced it a bit in such a way it will be easier for me to organize and mark status to each activities. I assigned him tasks too. In the end, everything happened as planned.”

2) Choose the RIGHT SUPPLIERS.

“I say RIGHT suppliers not always the BEST and PRICEY ones. What’s important is that they get the right suppliers for their type of wedding. Best and top Suppliers might not always be the best fit for their theme, their personalities and worst, they might not be the perfect match of the whole team and when I say TEAM, I consider US – the couple.”

3) ENJOY the experience.

“Since I owned the wheel, it wasn’t very difficult for me. Everything flowed smoothly, as in almost perfect. There were failures (Musician backed out 2 weeks before the wedding, changed our first Photography Team due to some misunderstandings, a secondary sponsor cannot make it and needed to look for a proxy, etc) but it did not really affect the whole prep.”

I’m sure all soon to be blushing brides would want to take note of all of these. We don’t want to have brides blushing out of frustration because of the preparations. Brides must blush because of the warmth of her cheeks that come from the overflow of love she feels from her groom and the people around them.

Supplier Spotlight:  Event Coordinator: Events by Thoffy | Host: Darlene Tan Salazar | HMUA: Chichi Sotomil & Mhec Gado | Bride Outfit: Bridehouse | Bridesmaids Dresses , Mom’s Gowns: Paolo Blanco | Grooms Suit: Paulo Lazaro | Flowers:  Arleen of Dangwa Flower Shop | Musician: SQ Music | Souvenirs: Arobi Wines | Photo & Video: Bamboo Kite & 8th Street Cinema 

What did you love about this couple’s mint and peach wedding that started off their dance to forever? We’d love to hear from you. Better yet, share this with your soon-to-wed friends!

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