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More Unexpected Expenses That Blow Up Your Wedding Budget

more unexpected expenses

Want to know and prepare for more unexpected wedding expenses?. Canaan Celebrations shares with us the second part of their wedding budget tips.

There’s a saying, “Knowing the enemy is half the battle” and in this case, it is still very true. When we know the things that blow up our wedding budget, we prepare ourselves and find ways to avoid the problem.

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10. Documentations

Securing copies of government and church documents have corresponding prices. You may also need to pay for the seminars.

11. Personal Effects

Any bride and groom will want to look and feel their best in their probably most photographed day of their lives. You will find it necessary to have trips to your dentist, salon and spa. Expect to spend for your hair color, grooming, manicure and pedicure, contact lenses, facials, teeth cleaning/whitening, etc.

While really not necessary, some also find the need to buy new shoes, belt, earrings, watch, cufflinks, undergarments, body-shapers, etc.

12. Accessories for the Ceremony

Most couturiers already include the cord, coins, and bible in their contract. But others don’t. Do check. But you may need to buy the matches/torches/lighters and candles. For Catholic ceremonies, offertory items are also care of the bride and groom. For Non-Catholic Christian rites, please check with your pastor if you are doing the unity candles, unity sand, etc.

13. Gifts

Do remember to give presents to your principal sponsors. You may also opt to surprise your bride or groom with a gift. Others want to also give something to their bridal entourage.

14. Meetings

If your suppliers are professionals and are a product of careful research, you need not meet all of them prior the wedding day. If you do, it is always a good gesture to offer them food, or at least drinks. Believe us, happy & grateful suppliers give more of themselves on the wedding day. Please consider such incidentals in your budget – it’s worth feeding them and making them feel that your wedding is not a business transaction.

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15. Printables & Paper/Stationery

Here are some items which may need printing and/or stationery:

  • Missalette/Ceremony Flow
  • Place Cards
  • Gift Tags
  • Gift Wrappers

Related expenses include ribbons, inks, boards, pens, markers, etc.

16. Props and Prizes for the Games

If you are having games or raffles in your reception program, do not forget to reward the winners with tokens or gifts.

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17. Transportation

During your wedding preparations, expect that you will be on the road so much more than your usual. Do allot an allowance in your budget for your gas, tolls, parking, meals, etc.

And that completes the list of things which could lead to more unexpected expenses  that could blow up your wedding budget.

Do you have anything to add to the list? Share your experiences with us.

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