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6 Times Nikki Gil & BJ’s Wedding Made Us Cry

Nikki gil

Nikki Gil who? It’s Nikki Albert now.

It was last November 21, 2015 when the radiant songstress tied the knot to her college sweetheart.  But they have just released their full wedding video and we can’t help but gush over the beautiful film by THE Jason Magbanua.  Here’s a rundown of our favorite things about their wedding, which are sure to make you laugh and cry, in equal parts.

Nikki Gil and BJ Albert: Just before they tied the knot.

Nikki Gil and BJ Albert: Just before they tied the knot. Photo by Pat Dy.

1. BJ proves he is Prince Charming

From the very start, the down-to-earth groom captured our hearts.  Nikki reveals that one of the reasons she grew to like him was the fact that he “opened doors for all girls and not just the pretty ones” (0:55).  His friends attest that BJ is an example of how good guys can finish well and that he is “just the guy we all hope to be” (3:50).  The groom also cracks us up by confessing that he can’t even pronounce the label of the Baume & Mercier watch that the bride has just given him (we can’t either!).  We also like that little bromance going on in 7:00.  But BJ truly melts our hearts when he says, “I promise to put your needs before mine,” (9:00) and when he nearly breaks down in tears at the sight of his lovely bride walking down the aisle (9:40). 

It’s not every day that Prince Charming walks up to you in school, especially when you’re pop princess Nikki Gil.  Good on her for recognizing this great catch.  #RelationshipGoals

What made them laugh? Screencap from Video by Jason Magbanua.

What made them laugh? Screencap from Video by Jason Magbanua.

 2. Nikki’s Dad, the Jester

We love our parents to infinity, but some were born to be in front of the camera more often than others.  One of them is Nikki’s dad; he’s a regular jokester!  At 4:35, Dad Dino says, “hindi ako ninenerbyos,” though he nearly breaks his coffee cup from shaking hands.  At 6:00, he makes funny faces as his wife delivers a message to the newlyweds.  But when Nikki’s mom says, “You’re allowed to have your sexy moment now,” his reaction is unforgettable (and so are the bride’s and groom’s)!  To top it all off, he has some crazy slick moves on the dance floor (12:00).  But in the same way that his antics brought tears to our eyes, so did his speech (12:25).

“Six days ago at 6:00 a.m., I went to Nikki’s bedroom and carefully sat with her.  I don’t think she knows about it, but for five minutes, I watched her breathe quietly with a soft smile on her face.  I shed a tear that only God saw.  BJ, you have to know that since she was a child until yesterday, she never failed to pass by our room to hug and kiss her Papa good night or goodbye.  Tonight I’ll have to deal with that difficult adjustment.  So I have a request.  First, when people treat her wrong or bash her and she cries bad, give her a hug.  Stroke her hair until she falls asleep.  Will you do that?”

The way he put his head down as he spoke to keep himself from getting emotional made us cry even more.  (We love our dads!)

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 12.19.15 PM

Screencap from Video by Jason Magbanua.

3. The Rings

It’s not the ring, but the person offering it to you.  Even if it were just made of embroidery thread, we’d gladly accept the ring from the love of our lives. But damn, these rings are gorgeous.  Don’t miss them at 4:25.

4. The Adults give their advice

Age doesn’t always equate to wisdom.  But sometimes, our elders really do know what they’re talking about.  And contrary to popular belief, we actually listen!

“If you worked hard to gain your wife, work doubly hard to keep her.  Text her, pursue her [in a] never-ending pursuit of your love for Nikki.  It’s something that is so important.  Just like a plant, you continue to water it so that it continues to grow.  [Nikki] in the same way, cultivate BJ’s confidence.  No matter what happens, support.  He’s the best. He decides. He chooses.” (2:40)

Nikki Gil and BJ Albert: A Love Unveiled. Photo by Pat Dy.

Nikki and BJ: A Love Unveiled. Photo by Pat Dy.

5. When Nikki Gil and BJ talk about Real Love

As much as we love the sudden rush and feels from  romantic comedies, we know that real love isn’t like that—and we’re better for it.  In their personal vows, Nikki and BJ talk about the growth of their relationship and love for each other.

“God gave me exactly what I needed: someone that puts Him first and reminds me to do the same; someone that loves her family; someone wise; someone I know will help me raise good children; someone that knows my faults and loves me just the same.  I can’t believe that He had all of this planned out even before I set my eyes upon you on the first day in school, when I was too torpe to go up to you and introduce myself.” —BJ (4:38)

“Your promises, your wisdom, and the quiet assurance you give, making me feel that everything is going to be ok.  It wasn’t the one time fireworks, eureka, slow motion running-into-each-other’s-arms kind of moment.  It was a gradual but consistent build-up of trust and friendship which just started growing and growing and, before I knew it, had turned into love.  The real kind, the God kind.  and I knew in my spirit that it was right.” —Nikki (8:20)

Nikki Gil and BJ Albert tie the knot

#AngTamangPanahon. Screencap from Video by Jason Magbanua.

6. The Wait is Over

At 13:48, BJ walks up to Nikki, who is waiting atop a grassy hill, the golden sun setting behind them.  Nikki reaches out a hand to her groom, and they embrace in a gentle kiss.   Thanks for reminding us of #MayForever and #AngTamangPanahon, you two!

Watch the full video below!  It can also be viewed on Nikki Gil Albert’s website.  Cheers to the happy couple!

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