Post-Its Game Proposal: Story of Ricky and Cathy

 November 21, 2017

A cup of coffee can lead to many things: a productive day, energy to keep you going, and a lifetime of love. For Ricky and Cathy, sharing more than a hundred cups of coffee between them paved the way for a walk to the altar.

Ricky and Catherine met and fell in love in a coffee shop when they were college students. Over cups of coffee, they bonded on school work and slowly got to know each other better. The walls of the café stood witness to their blossoming relationship, and provided a venue for their doses of caffeine and talking about their dreams.

So it’s no surprise when, eight years later, Ricky chose a coffee shop to mark a milestone in their relationship. He picked Luna Specialty Coffee in BGC to gather their closest friends and ask Cathy to be his wife.

“She’s been my best friend, my travel buddy, and my girlfriend and we’ve grown together through a lot of adventures. The decision to propose came when I felt that all my goals and aspirations I had already involved her.”

The Post-Its Game Proposal

After buying the ring and asking her parents for their blessing, Ricky planned a trip down memory lane for Cathy. From Post-Its he used to give her back when they were just friends, to funny puns Ricky were so fond of, flowers that Cathy adored, to a photo wall that documented their life together of almost a decade.

“I wanted to catch her by surprise which had always been hard for me to do, and to do it in a place we loved.”

Ricky also asked for help from videographers Looking Glass Guys to document this special occasion. He shares a tip on why it’s a good thing to hire professionals to do it.

“They were able to capture details of the proposal, some words from our friends and all the emotions during that time which was great. What’s nice about filming it is that we can share that moment during our wedding day to our guests and they’ll get to see also how we got to that point.”  

Ricky tells us more on how everything went down:

“I started taking down notes on how I envisioned the day would be. I then spent some time filling up the details from looking around for the perfect venue, to looking for the videographer and telling my friends about my plan and asking for their help.” 
“Another important part is preparing myself for that day from what I would wear and thinking about what I will be saying when the moment to kneel before her finally arrives. Thinking carefully about details and preparing ahead definitely helped make that day less about worries and more about the moment.”

When The Top Knotters talked to Cathy, she told us she had a hunch Ricky was planning something.

“It was supposed to be a coffee date with a few close friends, and a night out after. I just found it weird when he seemed agitated the entire afternoon, and asked me to wear something nice for the evening. Coincidentally, that day was very close to our eighth anniversary as a couple. My hunch was confirmed when I saw him on the TV screen of the cafe, asking me to find the Post-Its hidden around the entire place.”

We asked Cathy what was running through her mind the whole time:

“My first thought was, ‘This is it!’ From then on, it was a spree of emotions – seeing our friends, reading the messages they carried, anticipating him to finally show up. Everything felt surreal and blissful.”

And when she saw him down on one knee, Cathy didn’t hold back.

“There was a lot of emotions already. Seeing him with the ring and with the presence of our close friends, I knew it was the perfect moment to finally say yes.”

After a successful Post-Its Game proposal, the couple shares their tips for future couples who are already talking about getting married.

For the gents:

1.    Buy the ring and ask for the parents’ permission. Once that is out of the way, you can now focus your energy on planning for the proposal and bringing it to life.
2.    Make the proposal yours. It may be simple or grand, but the most important thing is to make sure that it’s going to be about the two of you and what both of you love.
3.    Capture the moment. Have your friends or family help you take photos or videos or get an expert. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime moment that is worth capturing.

For the ladies:

1.    Don’t expect but be prepared when the moment comes. You’ll feel it in your gut when he’s ready to propose, and there will always be subtle signs. So just always be your naturally beautiful self.
2.    Drop clues about your ring size and preferences to your friends/family. He will ask them, so it’s best that he gets the correct information.
3.    Don’t pressure him. You want the moment to come at the right time, and when he is truly ready. Just coz all your friends are getting engaged, doesn’t mean you have to join the bandwagon. Plus, its best when you least expect it.

Ricky also tipped his hat to the suppliers who helped make his Post-Its Game proposal a success.

For the venue:

“Luna Specialty Coffee in BGC was the perfect intimate venue for the proposal with its rustic charm and nice warm accents. I’m very grateful as they allowed us to do what we wanted with the venue and make the café ours even for just that night.”

For the videographers:

“It was going to be a surprise proposal so I took time looking for suppliers who can help me capture the drama and the details of the day.  

Looking Glass Guys was a group who were unconventional in terms of how they film and I saw that in their work. They thought about using hidden cameras and helped me go through the plan seamlessly. They also captured key behind-the-scenes footage to complete the proposal story from planning to her reaction at the end.”

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