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Happy Ever After: Mat and Aki Wedding

Happy Ever After

Dreaming of a happy ever after with your friend whom you’ve known for a long time? It is possible. Often times it is said that one of the best kinds of love is the one that starts with friendship. What could be better than two people  who have already cemented their commitment and devotion to each other? Some say it’s still better to remain just friends. Yet some say marrying your best friend is one of the best things to happen.

And that’s how it happened for Mat and Aki. Friends since freshmen year during their college days, their encounter was not filled with butterflies, rainbows, and fireworks. Yet even with the absence of these details, it was memorable. They got to know each other in the simplest yet beautiful way which is through friendship.

The trip to El Nido to mark their 9th anniversary became a turning point in their lives. You’d think that since they’ve been together for almost a decade, a big and extravagant proposal was what awaited Aki. It was the opposite, though. But the beauty  was in its simplicity that made it more memorable and romantic. After all, it is not always about how you carry out a proposal but it’s more of the sincerity and intimacy of the moment.

“I love how he planned his proposal, simple but sincere and romantic. Looking back, I wouldn’t have it any other way. Believing in each other’s love is what made us stronger. We faced trials and hurdles all throughout our relationship but we never thought that we will not make it.”

Aiming for something to last for a lifetime and to wish for a happy ever after takes a lot of hard work. It’s given that  preparing for a wedding will test anyone’s patience so it’s important to coordinate  with people who share the same vision as the bride and groom.

“I think this is why we enjoyed our wedding preparations and the day itself so much. They weren’t just suppliers but our friends as well. If you are nice to your suppliers they will go beyond the extra mile to make you happy.”

Mat and Aki worked with teams that were able to capture beautiful moments before, during, and even after the wedding ceremony making it their Top Knotter moment.

“Some of our favorite moments are the Onsite Photo made by Paper Project and SDE by Aceron Studios. They were able to capture our raw emotions and show how we really are as a couple. Whenever I look at our photos and videos, I still get ‘kilig’ and I think it will remain like that forever.”

Although the wedding is mainly about the bride and groom, Mat and Aki felt that they were able to survive the whole wedding preparations because of their friends from the community, Weddings @ Work. Everything was laid out according to plan and how it was envisioned. Surrounded with friends, Mat and Aki are truly on the road to a happy ever after.

Supplier Spotlight: Photo: The PaperProject | Video: Aceron Studios | Coordinator: Absolutely Knots Events | Preps: Oakwood Premier Joy | Church: Immaculate Conception Cathedral of Cubao | Reception Venue: Light of Love Events Place | HMUA: SEKA Makeup Artist | Flowers: Amelia Blossoms | Bridal Gown: Mel Orlina Couture | Groom’s Suit: Arvox Tailoring (Mang Roger) | Souveniers: Cactus & Canvas PH | Band: Teejay & Sandy

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